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  1. Can this be changed on the 2010 titanium model? Ive seen it talked about but never looked into how you actually do it.
  2. Ah right. Fair enough. Ill get the disks changed and see how it is. cheers.
  3. Hi all, I own a 2010 focus titanium and recently there has been a vibrating noise coming from the front end when i get to about 30mph and sounds like a 'wub wub wub' noise. It only happens when driving straight or to the right and goes silent when you turn the wheel to the left? It happens between about 30 - 60 mph. Does anyone have any suggestions of what it might be or how much it may cost to fix as i'm no car expert. I remember my friend had something similar on his bmw and said it was his warped brake disks. Cheers TP
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums tp0404 :)