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  1. oil filter removal

    Many thanks everyone , I will have a go 👍
  2. oil filter removal

    Hi, it's a 2011 titanium with 1.4 engine ...many thanks
  3. oil filter removal

    HI all being a bit thick ..... can someone tell me easiest way to remove oil filter on 2010 fiesta .... There seems pipes everywhere blocking all chances to get in there with removal tool ....many thanks and merry xmas to all 😀
  4. Many thanks lads :) As i am getting on a bit , i look back to the 80's when i had a fiesta ghia (square shape) then moved on to a white mk2 xr2 ... both were fantastic cars and both reliable and easy to work on. Nowadays i find getting under the car a real chore. This fiesta is for her 17th birthday in June , she does not know she has it yet as she lives with her mum. I just want to get it right for her. Hope to keep on here as i will be maintaining the fiesta. And i am sure all your input will be invaluable. Will get some pics up soon . Once again , many thanks ......Harry :)
  5. Hi All, I have joined this forum as i have just purchased a fiesta for my daughter , but need a few answers from you please if you can spare a moment. What i need to know is , what is it ? (mk4,mk5,mk6) 16v etc. All i know is that its a "y" reg 2001 fiesta glide 1300cc 3door . As i wish to do a full service i need to know more info ...can anyone help please :)
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums chakota :)