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  1. Me and my bf tom will be there in his mk 1 capri :) This will be are 1st time and we are new to the ford world as only young :) be nice to meet other people who love our ford cars as much as we love ours :) x
  2. Power Steering In An Escort Xr3I :)

    hey my names lucy this is my first post as iv just joined ur website.... i have just bought my first ford :-) shes a lurvly 1990 xr3i cabriolet in white she needs a good clean but its in good condition i have a couple of questions that need answering if anyone is up for it :-) first of all im wondering if its a possibility to do a power steering conversion ? as im a girl n its a bit hard to park lol if its possible then i would like too know what parts i would need or if it would be easier too get a car n take the bits off ?? also i saw that you can get insurance discount how do i do this ?? all answers appreciated thanks guys....lucy xx
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums MissEscortXr3i :)