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  1. Ive actually swapped my father in-laws Throttle Position sensor over with mine just to see and made no difference, at all. Stupid car!
  2. Why oh why does my Focus occasionally rev hunt, 500 to 900 or a 1000 rpm when warming up or warmed up, especially when coming to a stop at traffic lights. Ive tryed so many things it might be on the net, Pcv valve and hose, Icv, air leak, plugs,leads, all new!, but it still idle hunts 9 times out of 10 when stopped.When coming to a stop the revs raise to about 900 then settle to 700 rpms which is normal when clutch is pressed and released. But when stopped the revs will hunt 500 to maybe 1000 rpm's on there own up and down. Any ideas anyone! Ive been told when it has had a new cambelt fitted sometimes you may need the car pcm updated which may cure problem is that true.? Car runs fine otherwise no missing or hesitation.
  3. My Focus has a habit of its rpm's dropping to about 5 or 600 revs and raising up to about 900 to 1000 rhymically when your stationary (hunting), only when its reaching normal temperature,but dosen't stall. Its strange because when you push the clutch pedal down the rpm's settle to normal (not hunting) Any ideas?. it has new pcv valve and hose,i can't find any air leaks in the induction system ,new icv,Vss,Tps,Ford plugs and Ford leads. Do you think it might need Pcm update if so how much is the update.
  4. To be honest Arthur i have changed the idle control valve,i took it off originally to try and clean it but no better so i bought a brand new one with a rubber gasket still no change.And ive also changed Pcv valve and hose.Im thinking it might need a Pcm update at a main dealer,what do you think now?
  5. I have a Focus 1.6 se 2002 petrol which has 93000 on the clock which i bought in October 2011.The problem i have is when i bought the car after a few weeks i realised the speedo was playing up now and then it was not working but then would work fine, i read on some forums that this was the Vss which i bought and had replaced by a mechanic friend which he had abit of a job doing as the old one was a sod to get out but he did it,and now speedo works perfectly, But now i get a problem when the engines reached normal temperature it revs up and down when stationary,it revs between 500 and 950 at steady pulses,but the funny thing is when i push the clutch down the revving stops.So i changed the clutch position switch which made no difference at all.(waste of money) I have also replaced the tps,new Ford plugs and ford leads new Calcium battery still revving up and down till clutch is pressed.It seems to do this more when there is a power load ,rear demister,headlights or front windscreen demister on.Its driving me nuts thinking what it might be, your help would be appreciated.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums z0M813M4N :)