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  1. Clean the fan, and also the pin. Don't put greasr or oil, otherwise the fan will stop working...
  2. Hello, I've got a VCN II from Aliexpress, but I can't manage to have it working. When I plug it to the laptop, I can't hear any "ding-dong" ... so the laptop does not find the VCM II. On the VCM only the "car" led is lit (steady on), other leds are off. I tried to use the recovery procedure, by keeping pressed the reset switch, but the only difference I see is with the leds: car led stays on, after a few seconds also "PC" and "power" led goes on for a while, and then back off. I don't hear any beep coming from the device, and still the laptop does not find the plugged hardware. Any suggestion?
  3. Here's the schematics:
  4. Try with a Ford garage. Anyway the clone should work.
  5. It depends on what you need to do... if you just need to modify asbuilt file, I think that will work... and if it does not, just return it and claim you money back.
  6. AFAIK you can find a clone for something like 160 USD... much lower than 350 pounds [emoji1]
  7. You'll find clones on sites like aliexpress
  8. I think you'll get into big troubles...
  9. I hope Ford partners in Sweden are better than ours... here it's a nightmare to ask them something that it's out of the standards.
  10. Tested on many cars here in Italy and did not find any failing. But YMMV
  11. If you own an MK7 Fiesta, following those instructions should be enough. This is what I have done, and now I have a Cruise Control fully working. Original equipment... But remember that you also need to modify the asbuilt file with IDS from a Ford partner.
  12. Unfortunately you'll find those devices only in Ford Official garages. I can't be of any help.
  13. gekanukr, there's no need to write both here and on private messages. Once is enough :-) Anyway, as you might have noticed that is only my experience, and there's no guarantee that this procedure works on 100% of the cars, but most probably it will do (even on MK7.5, because it's just a restyling). In other words: YMMV. You just have to try by yourself and let us know.
  14. 3 vs 100 ... DIY is better :-D
  15. I think you can buy that item only from official Ford dealers.