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  1. On the end of your indicator stalk, you have the info button and this should switch your display to show MPG, Miles until Empty, average speed and trip. If you want to reset any of those (apart from miles until empty) then you hold the info button in until the display shows minus'
  2. If you read before you go, normally opens at 9am for public
  3. I'll be going, but I'll be with Focusowners.com, and yes you can still pay on the gate, price as follows.. Tickets for general public visitors have a special 2012 reduction for two visitors in one car this year which will hopefully give better value for money! The prices are as below:- Vehicle with one person £8 Vehicle with two persons £10 Vehicle with three persons £15 Vehicle with four persons £20 Children under 16 FREE As per http://www.fiestaclu...-park-2012.html
  4. Right, well mine has been installed, and feels fantastic, shift is nice and smooth. Full Shot Side Shot Although, if anyone does fit this there are a couple of things the Mountune instructions do not advise you to do. So I will fill in some advisory gaps in instructions: 1. When removing the gaiter and surround pull up from the furthest point else you will end up snapping retaining lugs: 2. Remove the section just below the gaiter surround also, as this will make removing/refitting the side panels easier, again pulling from the furthest point helps Remembering to disconnect the 12v and aux/usb connector: 3. After removing the two Torx (Mountune say it's T27, I found mine were T30) in Step6, it's advised the also remove the rear 2 plastic screws seen here (one on either side): And remove the between seats center console completely, leaving you with a lot more room to play, as you will need it:
  5. It's quite straight forward.. Removal: remove gear knob and gaiter, Remove side panels and top section of the center console, disconnect the selection cables, undo 4 nuts, remove. Fitting: do the above in reverse I have mine already, and it will be installed at the weekend, full install instructions in the box. :D
  6. You've not read my post properly.. I said "Regardless if 195/60/15 is approved by Ford's, so is 215/45/17's but that doesn't mean that, that is right for the Fiesta" Focus had 215/45/17's on the ST170, and the Fiesta had 205/40/17's now if you put the 215/45's on a Fiesta, like the 195/60's, it will send the rolling cirucumference out, which means your speedo and your counted mileage will be well out aswell
  7. Regardless if 195/60/15 is approved by Ford's, so is 215/45/17's but that doesn't mean that, that is right for the Fiesta, and yes the Speedo is calibrated to the rolling Circumference of the wheel/tyre. If you get that wrong then it can know the speedo out by -/+5mph (if not more/less), which can mean getting or not getting a speeding fine, this also means that your Mile/tach will be out so that also means running either more or less miles being recorded that the car has done. There are reasons Ford put certain sizes of tyre on certain models, else there wouldn't be any reason to have tyre calcs like http://www.miata.net...e/tirecalc.html EDIT** Incidentally doing the tyre calc on the miata site, putting the 195/60/15's the speedo will be reading about 60mph and the call will actually be doing 65mph
  8. MK1 and Facelift Mk1 have 4 stud alloys, the ET of both the Fiesta and Focus MK1 are close, so you will be able to put Focus alloys on the Fiesta. But as Mark says you will have to swap the tyres over to keep the Speedo true. Unless you have the the speedo/ecu recalibrated.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums FezMP145 :)