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  1. Hi all, Fords replaced the car due to a near full respray being needed, collected new car x2 days ago, but if just noticed this!!!! Ffs
  2. I just want it replaced. :(
  3. Hi alexp A customer of any new car shouldnt have to settle for a respray, the problem is the whole roof the boot, right rear quarter both front doors!!!!
  4. Hi avi Did Ford give you a like for like replacement? Ford are saying it's up to the dealer to correct and the dealer is saying that Ford should correct the issue, even though the dealer had x2 occasions to spot, ultimately the fault lies with Ford. The problem is that the car I traded in I'd rather back if they don't replace? Cheers
  5. Why did they refuse to repair!! Fair point the new car may have different issues?. The St lines had a delay due to quality issues and they seemed to think that this is acceptable?. It is only obvious in direct strong sun light. German build quality my ***** :(
  6. Hi all wondering if any one has had any experience with this sort of issue?. After washing the car for the first time and only under direct sunlight patches under the laquar are present. Also the car was delayed at the factory for some time with paint issues which may explain this issue? The car had to be fully clay bared as every panel had debris and black hair fibres in the laquar :(. The problem is I don't want a brand new car which needs the roof resprayed, as it silver which will be hard to colour match. Cheers
  7. Focus 2017 mule

    Wheres !Removed! pics gone?
  8. Focus MK3 Titanium Door Rubber

    My 2013 titanium started to do this and my 2015 zetec s cheap glue. Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  9. Best Lowering Suspension For Mk3 Zetec S??

    Around the same, bigger wheel-smaller tyre, smaller wheel-bigger tyre
  10. 1.0 Ecoboost Surprisingly Noisy

    I'd try and compare with another side by side as they should be very quite inside, I often forget to turn mine off when refuelling, the face-lift version is slightly quieter then pre face-lift, with much less waste gate noise :( less Road noise :)
  11. Ford Focus 2015 Rust

    Hi guys, any one had any issues with rust? As on my focus which isn't even a year old the rear suspension arms are falking paint and showing rust, I had this issue on my 2005 focus :( poor quality
  12. Is it just me or is there some thing very strange with there being no offerings for the focus while the fiesta has plenty? May be ford has told mountune to leave the updates to them?
  13. Mk3 Focus 1.6ecoboost With 18inch Wheels

    Space saver fell out of my old focus boot!!!!