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  1. Looks Like I'm Not Alone!

    Well here she is! I know, once you've seen one Metal Edition, you've seen them all! :) But we all know why we like our cars and want to take photos of them to share on these forums :D I can see it!!!! Hurry, hurry, hurry!!! It's VERY white in the sun B) It's like Vader's TIE Fighter in here! Just goes to show how the 'black wheel' has become a popular addition to 'performance' cars. The come as standard now Cannot have enough downforce :P that's one hell of a rear wing! Well it goes with out saying, I'm going to enjoy owning this car, everything about it just ticks all the boxes for me! Regards, Stephen
  2. Hello Ford Fans!......

    Thanks for the replies! Well I've got my new car, perfect day to collect it too! Dry and very sunny! (after the icy blast that swept over this part of the country at the start of the week!) I'll upload the day 1 photo's on my thread in the Fiesta section :)
  3. Looks Like I'm Not Alone!

    Frozen white as I think from the photos I've seen the Ford press-shots of the Panther Black are misleading! Looks almost matte where we all know Panther Black isn't. Plus I've had too many black cars so and with the Metal sitting on black, I wanted to go with the white body for contrast as that Midnight Sky is a really bad colour choice IMO ....what were you thinking about Ford?????
  4. Looks Like I'm Not Alone!

    Hi all, New to the site, intro done on that page :) I'll be taking delivery of *my* new Metal Edition on the 10th! (feel sick with excitement) would have had it next weekend if it wasn't for the Easter hols but there you go... Anyway photos will follow to keep in line with everyone else ;) Looks like I'll be on here quite regularly, looks a good forum
  5. Hello Ford Fans!......

    Thanks Dezwez!
  6. Hello Ford Fans!......

    Thanks Stoney! Photo will most definitely follow! We've got some cracking scenery up here in Northumberland :)
  7. Finally I've signed up :D I've been aware of this site for quite a while, but back then I was a VX driver....not anymore though! (Long story VX = ) So come the 10th and I'll be fully kitted out with my new car, and believe me when I say, I can't quite believe how lucky I feel to be able to own a Fiesta Metal Edition!!! I'm sure I'll be among some good people who share the passion of what the 'Blue Oval' has to offer, from the current line-up and what's coming in the future, but also my passion for all things 'historical' from Ford. Be it retro production to WRC and Ford in motorsport I'll be updating my profile with pics as soon as I get the car Regards Stephen
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums OmniusGT :)

    1. OmniusGT


      Many thanks! I've been itching to join, finally get my dream Ford on the 10th!!!