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  1. still takes the !Removed! you spend all that money taking pride in what uve done the some !Removed! hole comes along and wrecks it
  2. its your shocks my mk6 zetec s dose it but thats because i got lowering springs and didnt change the shock ive killed them ha ha..... but ur care dose the same as mine..... its either shocks ... gearbox or engine mounts
  3. yep the car was on finance and insurance didnt pay out so after police fingerprinted it i got it back and im still driving it now.... then the front bumper ... spoiler....side stips on doors got stolen the car is a jinx
  4. my mk6 zetec s got stolen outside my house no glass ect... i didnt get payed out due to some reasons and a year later my car was found about 10 miles away half coverd with a sheet with no back window and all thew took was my alpine screen and my kicker L7 sub and amp...
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums ZS-sammy-ZS :)