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  1. Cruise Control Not Working.

    OK, out in the car today and it took loads of attempts to get the cruise control on. Button on the left puts it into standby, but pressing + or - cancels it. On the motorway I got it to engage eventually, feet now clear of all pedals and system working. I then pressed the + button to increase the speed and it turned the system off. I am now convinced the problem is not with the pedal switches, but with the buttons themselves or the clock spring. Anyone know how I go about cleaning these up or replacing them? Guide anywhere? Update - today struggling to get the cruise control system standby on from the button on the left. With buttons on the left and right not working I think I'm going to get a new clock spring.
  2. Parking Sensors

    I fitted a set to a V70. Very easy job to do, but they were a bit hit and miss. Found them unreliable - worked sometimes, then other times they would continually sound. Not a clue what they were picking up.
  3. Cruise Control Not Working.

    Been out in it today and it's working fine. Guess the first things to check are the clutch and brake switches.
  4. Have to agree. Volvo V70 is excellent. Build quality is much better than Ford (and I only swapped my V70 for a Mondeo yesterday)
  5. Just purchased today, a 2008 Mondeo estate, Titanium X 2.0L diesel, manual. Everything seems fine apart from the cruise control - I can't get it to work. When you press the button on the left hand side of the wheel it posts a message about cruise control in standby. Then when I press the + or - buttons it just clears the display. Taking my foot off shows it isn't working as the speed drops. I have a warranty so I can go back to the garage, but wondered if there are any known issues or obvious things to check first. It's just a pain to be without the car so if it's something I could look at then I'd give it a go. There are no fault codes or messages on the dash, it's as if the + or - just cancels cruise control.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums Togger :)