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  1. Picked Up New Car, Have Some Questions.

    I have the titanium econetic build date Jan 2012. It is a 1.6 diesel all econetics are 1.6 I think. There is no start stop on my one. As for over taking I have to drop a gear and give it plenty revs.
  2. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    Mpg on my titanium econetic 61 plate was about 50mpg all short journeys about 4 miles per day. My mileage is now 3500. Last weekend I went to Sheffield from Edinburgh via the A68 and M1 and got 55mpg keeping well within the speed limits. On the return journey home I stayed on the M1 A1 and got 64mpg.
  3. Hello from Midlothian Scotland. I picked my car up in Feb 2012 and done over 2000 mile now. i am so happy i found FOC is very informative love reading about the fiesta in the forums. I hope you like my car. Fiesta Titanium Econetic in Mars red.
  4. Econetic Display

    Hi. Does anyone know if the fiesta titanium econetic 1.6 diesel 2012 model has the econetic display on the dash that tells you how good or bad you are driving . I have this car but can't seem to find it. Thanks Tam
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums bigtamc :)