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  1. Focus Engine Management Light On

    that might explain the fuel additive fault but what about turbo boost performance fault? thanks.
  2. Focus Engine Management Light On

    Has done 100k in mileage.
  3. Hi, I have a ford focus 2006 2.0TDCI titanium, recently noticed the engine managment light came on and the display bar readers "Engine system error". Also noticed a drop in engine power and reduced fuel efficiency. Engine codes for the managment light are: P2263 Turbo system performance P2584 Fuel additive control Mil Request Anyone explain what the problem might be? took it to the dealer who examined the car, did the engine managment code reading, charged me 70£ and wants more to diagnose the problem completely, after we agreed 70 was for a full diagnostic. thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums john.smith :)