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  1. Where to route focus mk1 towbar wiring?

    Hide all connection behind passenger side carpet. There is grommets in the floor where wiring to reverse light and fog light run. 
  2. Help in the Glasgow area?

    Would love to have helped you out but I have a seriously big workload this week/weekend.   
  3. Hello from Fife!

    Hello from Fife too
  4. Things I Don't Like

    I'm not gonna ask
  5. New fuel filter -now won't start

    Sounds like it needs primed.  Your car might not have a primary pump so will need primed manually. 
  6. It definitely sounds like it could be fuel filter, really simple and quick to replace.  If you do buy it, do the filter and go from there. 
  7. 2006 2.2 St tdci EGR blanking plate!!

    I'm not a believer of cleaning MAF sensors unless there is something wrong.
  8. 2006 2.2 St tdci EGR blanking plate!!

    Doing an average of about 38-40 on these colder mornings. It's needing injectors soon too so all my figures are lower than I got previously. ive had nearly 60mpg on a good motorway run before. Around town it guzzles diesel though. 
  9. 2006 2.2 St tdci EGR blanking plate!!

    Don't worry about the light, sometimes it can go a week without illuminating and other times it can go six months! It's entirely random it seems but perfectly normal. 
  10. Fault Codes

    A common problem with common rails can be the lack of fuel flow. P0251 I have come across a few times and solved it with a simple fuel filter change.
  11. Temp Gauge, Heater And Fan Control Switch

    It's for a mk2, I fitted it to a 2005 mk2. I think he has loads of them listed with different titles to catch as many punters but the part is still the same.
  12. Temp Gauge, Heater And Fan Control Switch

    121858955691 Type that item number into eBay, that's the very resistor I was supplied to fit the other day.
  13. Always Do Your Research...

    Just wondered as I know someone selling a ka I suspect is a GPOS..
  14. Flickering Handbrake Warning Light

    Check for any signs of wetness around the clutch pedal.
  15. Battery Light And Alternator

    When investigating a flat battery or other potential issue you should always check the voltage with the engine running to make sure the alternator output is charging the battery sufficiently otherwise your only guessing the battery is at fault - as you found out the fault was elsewhere. Glad you got it before you potentially ended up with a fire though.