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  1. The funny thing is I've yet to see them secure a ladder on a 'no-fines' type house with external insulation lol.
  2. I stand corrected, its desulphation I was thinking off - just had a flick through the manual. I knew both of my chargers had the option but then realised it cant be recondition as the smaller MXS0.7 doesnt have recondition.
  3. part of the cycle on the charger does include reconditioning but unless you monitor it you won't know how long its spent doing it.
  4. Have you ever tried just replacing the rubber gaiter.. It's usually a nightmare! Lol.
  5. I've seen much worse than that pass an mot lol
  6. Are you fitting new injectors because the light has come on?
  7. I've reused many a stretch belt without issue - let's be honest it has to be stretched to fit for the first time so can't see that it's doing any damage if you are using the correct tools. Even without the correct tools I've done it without damage befor using only screwdrivers lol. There a quite a few tool manufacturers who make the tools for different stretch belts, if they were not re usable there would be no market for the tools. Yes I'd recommend replacing the belt when you do the timing belt but there are times when doing other work the old belt will be reused. No big deal.
  8. Your car should be chain driven, therefor just the auxiliary belt to change. I personally stick to pagid discs and pads for my car and every other car I do unless stated otherwise.
  9. I was betting on it being the 1.8 petrol but some info would be handy lol
  10. Your engine should be a chain driven one? not a belt.
  11. There's good reason you can pay a lot of money when you buy a high end car for a ctek charger..
  12. What did you have a collision with and who was at fault? I'm guessing it was your fault and the other party will be claiming against your insurance.
  13. Hello from the sunnier side of the Tay! Welcome aboard.
  14. What exactly do they intend to change to fix the handbrake? £216 to replace pads and discs, that must be around £140 profit lol.
  15. you won't be disappointed with the CTEK charger, I have 2 of them. the MXS 0.7 has been connected to my bike since October and the MXS 5.0 has been connected to a leisure battery (around 100ah) since October also.