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  1. Which tyres?

    that's depends on what you define as irreparable..
  2. Advise needed! ABS, GPS...

    They have most likely damaged a sensor or the bearing/reluctor ring doing the work.
  3. Ford Fiesta Not Starting

    You are saying you don't trust them but you don't actually know what is at fault. Perhaps they did wrongly diagnose the starter motor and have changed it. With a fully charged battery, what exactly is going on? Are you seeing dash lights and all the usual stuff but just no starter turning?
  4. Steering 'Notchy' Advice Please

    Springs do snap, and usually when they feel like it so nothing out of the ordinary there. possibly a dry top mount bearing, now that it's been disturbed to fit the spring has possibly done it in.
  5. Coolant use.

    Access isn't the best but it's not a difficult task. I'd say go for it if you can spare some of your own time.
  6. Coolant use.

    At a rough estimate for a thermostat, housing and seal plus coolant I'd say £30-£50 for parts. Probably stick an hours labour on there too.
  7. Turbocharging my 1.4

    There's a lot more to turbo charging an engine than bolting a turbo on I'm afraid! You'd be cheaper buying a turbo version in the first place, plus your insurance company will have you for it.
  8. Misfire after cambelt change

    Lambda sensor will show up due to being out of parameter with the un burnt fuel
  9. Misfire after cambelt change

    Looks like the coil pack at fault to me, quite often see 2 cylinders show a misfire. 1 and 4 probably fire at the same time using wasted spark method. 2 cylinders use one coil.
  10. MOT Brake Failure

    If you are in any doubt, for a small fee I'm sure the garage would run it on the brake rollers for you before putting it on the test.
  11. Tyre recommendations please - 1.8 petrol

    I don't see a problem with part worn. I've fitted a few for other people now without an issue. Like everything you need to see them first and be able to inspect them.
  12. Tyre recommendations please - 1.8 petrol

    Well you're no fun are you
  13. Tyre recommendations please - 1.8 petrol

    I could be tempted to try as set of those on my Mondeo next time round. I am a huge fan of Dunlop motorbike tyres (i get through a set of them in 1800 miles ) but admittedly I've never had a Dunlop car tyre.
  14. Tyre recommendations please - 1.8 petrol

    I like Avon zv7 so it would be a vote for them from me.
  15. Delphi quality (track control arms)

    So i wonder who's right - auto data with front toe in 0° 06' ± 0° 09' or Haynes with front toe in 0° 06' ± 0° 15' lol