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  1. Most will say no but I quite often do use a sloping driveway for all sorts of work. General servicing, suspension, brakes and even changed a few engines on it. if I'm doing work like brake pipes I will put the car in nose first (drive slopes away from house) and put the back wheels up on a set of ramps which helps level it out a little but also keeps it more stable than 4 axle stands.
  2. Ok mate fair enough. if you've got means of heat id do that first! Had a couple of these now before I had my current impact gun which whips them off no problem and a bit heat on it is enough to break the bond. I'd heat it as much as you can, careful not to melt the plastic and get the gun straight onto it.
  3. Have you got a blow torch? Heat the head of that crank bolt up as much as you can then try it. also, when your done if you decide to sell those belt tools on can you pm me.
  4. sounds to me like you have a worn clutch if you are getting slip with no fluid loss. id also be very careful with using a pressure bleeder on a concentric slave cylinder. I have heard of a few cases now where it has actually damaged the cylinder and I've also had it happen to myself on a focus - and that was with very low pressure. Stripping the gearbox back off again wasn't my idea of fun. It's recommended to vacuum bleed a CSC.
  5. A vacuum bleeder is by far the best way to bleed the clutch and brakes. It requires an air compressor though. Sounds like you have an underlying problem.
  6. Looks to me like the tank has a crack in it.
  7. Can you post a picture? is the leak from the engine or gearbox? I've seen a few leaking reverse light switches.
  8. Could still be a 2008 engine if that's the change over time. The cambelt drives the camshaft from the fuel pump. The belt or chain drives the fuel pump.
  9. I don't believe that the fuel pump has seized up but if it genuinely has then it could snap the belt no problem. Get the covers off and see if the fuel pump spins.
  10. Tightening the handbrake adjuster without first inspecting the drums is a bad move.
  11. certainly was on the focus I've just repaired. you get a bolt and a ball joint type though. The ball joint type look exactly like the ones I've done on a mazda 3.
  12. only thing i can think of is that they are referring to the anti roll bar which has drop links/ball joints on either end of it.
  13. I'm not aware of any ball joints on the rear of the focus what exactly does the advisory on the mot say?
  14. the 'tie rod' goes between the steering rack and the 'tie or track rod end'
  15. ah you mean when rotated? it is a little noisy. Sorry it read to me that the input shaft was twisted lol