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  1. New one will come with the bolts
  2. wow I didn't see that one coming lol. Back to 65mm hub nut sockets on the big dugga dugga then? lol
  3. Another new job? Can't beat the dugga dugga
  4. To stretch the bolts to allow them to be torqued 'correctly'. There will be some deformation in the bolt by tightening it. some critical applications also use a similar procedure, where you tighten the bolt and weight X amount of minutes before loosening and retightening. a couple of dugga duggas on my impact gun will do though the only thing I torque is engine bolts and hub nuts.
  5. What did you say Ian? Run the bolts in and tighten them to FT with a ratchet handle? Lol
  6. I think the fiesta ones are bolt one from the front. Take the drum off and you will see the hub, in the hub you will see there is a large hole drilled in it to allow access with a socket.
  7. They are just held in with 4 bolts so no need to press anything. I haven't done a Fiesta one yet but usually they are torx head bolts on Fords.
  8. Replace the dmf too, that'll make your parts cost look a whole lot worse lol. some clutch kits come with grease, some don't but personally I don't bother. Too many people put far too much on too.
  9. The last 10 clutches I've fitted I haven't greased the input shaft with anything, just something else for the dust to stick to lol
  10. It officially ended on the 20th of November but as per all ECP codes they last for ages lol
  11. weekend30 if you want 30% off lol
  12. Have you been advised on the mot certificate regarding the discs or just in person? Hello from a fellow biker btw
  13. Yup it's been coming for a while, ultimately going to cost motorist more money. Won't be long until petrol cars get hit with something, there must be money to be made there too.
  14. An interesting read for any of you with a gutted dpf or thinking about it. At the moment as long as the dpf isn't missing then it will pass, regardless of what is or isn't inside as the mot tester cannot see inside.
  15. Ah so it's the main rear seal. Not so sure it's an engine out job though. Personally I'm not a believer of any oil additives, once a seal is worn it's worn.