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  1. you want something like that.
  2. I'm a bit far for that though Jamie? lol. Never get yourself down on your own skills, let's be honest, no man was born a mechanic right? Most jobs to a lot of folk now are let down by not having the tools - so many jobs need special tools.
  3. Some of them would love it!
  4. Haha, don't get me wrong I would get fed up of looking at them every day too. I guess another reason for guys like yourself would be 2 sets of tools or continually having to take stuff back n forward to work. I keep various tools in various locations but some of my bigger stuff such as engine crane etc is kept in a lockup in a local town. I had forgot to lift my hydraulic Spring compressor to do a front Spring on a mk3 mondeo the other day.. Damn. But I have got a heavy duty type one you wind up with the impact gun which is the same setup with 2 yokes. Because of where the sprig had snapped I couldn't get it in the bit I wanted so had to compress on the next coil. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to completely release the pressure on the top mount stuff it in going for it anyway, well I did, it ripped the impact gun out my hand and threw it 3ft away and the Spring went about 20ft taking out the coffee cup on its travels now i can seriously advise that no forum member attempts this but I'd do it again if I had to lol. Just bought myself a new toolbox for at home. Could probably fit a mattress in the top of it. Tyre machine next? Need motorbike wheel adaptors too. Well if your paying the costs of transport I'm sure it could be arranged cost you Jamie lol.
  5. Mostly. The corsa is getting done at someone's unit. I like to keep busy, I hate sitting in the house lol.
  6. That's the whole idea. If it was a damaged sump plug you'd simply just replace it. If you go down the route of using one of those kits, I'd recommend some cutting compound of sorts on the tap - Trefolex is my preferred compound but not really available to the diy market in small quantities. Because it's a paste means the material cut away by the tap tends to stick to it in the flutes meaning less of it will end up in the sump. Make sure you only do a small amount at a time - turning the tap back to breakaway all the materials it's cutting and to keep it clear. The last thing you want is to snap the tap if you bung it up.
  7. Haha yes very true! I'll just stick to my good old tried N tested chain I think. Speaking of chains, I've got a corsa C 1.4 chain and valve stem seals to do next week.
  8. That's a fair point! Something I'm not a fan of is flushing agents.
  9. I've heard varying comments on them. Most saying around 80-100k although some have been really early failures. Biggest cause for failure is being blamed on wrong spec oils being used? Any truth in that?
  10. Ford wet belt - @iantt interval is 125k miles? 98k on this one lol.
  11. If you don't want the expense of buying kit to use once then you'd be better off sacrificing the oil that's in the sump and getting it to a local garage to fit an insert. The best option is a new sump but an insert will do.
  12. Do they really.. Fitted literally hundreds of sets of pagid discs and pads as well as use them on my personal cars and have absolutely no complaints.
  13. The last I knew a speedo wasn't an mot testable item (for operation).
  14. It's too problematic trying to get something arranged.