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  1. Abandoned ford factory

    Back when you were a young lad, oh wait, I've put an extra digit in
  2. Abandoned ford factory

    some good equipment gone to waste by the looks of it too
  3. @iantt I'm hearing this is possibly a ford training college in Daventry?
  4. Misfire after cambelt change

    I think it's time for you to get a second opinion.
  5. Which tyres?

    When you see how much rubber falls out it makes you thankful it never went on a motorway for sure! £25 for a repair certainly would tempt you to just buy new at those prices! Replacing tyres due to them being worn or Chinese rubbish I guess is part of your 'terms' of the purchase more than I'm not using someone else's tyres because I don't know where they have been so fair enough on that point.
  6. Which tyres?

    I have no idea what it is lol. my brother brought a tyre to me after driving a couple of miles when it was flat. I took the tyre of the rim to show him it would be burst inside, I was greeted with about 20% of the rubber in a powder formula I had to get the brush and shovel to clean the tyre machine and the floor. The going rate for a repair around my way is around £15. Part worns I always thoroughly inspect, check for visible damage, the date etc but as I tell people. If you bought a second hand car, you are essentially buying part worn tyres so does it make any odds? Not really, atleast with a part worn you can get the chance to inspect the inside. No one buys a second hand car and replaces all 4 tyres do they.
  7. Which tyres?

    Haha! I've actually been looking more closely at repairs done previously to tyres and thinking either that's been done by a monkey or I'm just a looser for following the book and not just rushing it to get it out the door as quick as. Am I the only person who appears to seal a repaired area inside the tyre with liner sealer?
  8. Which tyres?

    Some of it mate its my speciality doing sidewall repairs. On a serious note, I've not had a puncture repair I've done come back yet lol
  9. Which tyres?

    that's depends on what you define as irreparable..
  10. Advise needed! ABS, GPS...

    They have most likely damaged a sensor or the bearing/reluctor ring doing the work.
  11. Ford Fiesta Not Starting

    You are saying you don't trust them but you don't actually know what is at fault. Perhaps they did wrongly diagnose the starter motor and have changed it. With a fully charged battery, what exactly is going on? Are you seeing dash lights and all the usual stuff but just no starter turning?
  12. Steering 'Notchy' Advice Please

    Springs do snap, and usually when they feel like it so nothing out of the ordinary there. possibly a dry top mount bearing, now that it's been disturbed to fit the spring has possibly done it in.
  13. Coolant use.

    Access isn't the best but it's not a difficult task. I'd say go for it if you can spare some of your own time.
  14. Coolant use.

    At a rough estimate for a thermostat, housing and seal plus coolant I'd say £30-£50 for parts. Probably stick an hours labour on there too.
  15. Turbocharging my 1.4

    There's a lot more to turbo charging an engine than bolting a turbo on I'm afraid! You'd be cheaper buying a turbo version in the first place, plus your insurance company will have you for it.