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  1. Cam cover gasket? I've seen quite a few leaky ones lol. The 1.6 engine does have a bit of a habit of drinking oil - the very reason I got rid of my 2001 focus. I put it down to a cracked piston ring or something along those lines as it would go through a litre a week. If you google it you will see you are not alone.
  2. Yup it's definitely a head off job. Burnt valve or crack something along those lines.
  3. Modification or not, the problem was a leaking exhaust? Not helped by the bonnet vents I suppose.
  4. what are you pushing it with? It doesn't take a huge amount of force to push them back, sounds like yours could be seized up.
  5. oops that should have said 'or' but no i don't think it will fix an exhaust bracket lol
  6. Any local motor factors can source them, Eurocarparts list them on their site - very easy to get hold of. You need to have the head removed for inspection before you start ordering valves in any case - you don't know for sure what the damage is yet.
  7. If thats the price for JUST the valves/parts and nothing else you need to look elsewhere lol to add to that job you'll need headgasket (or head set), head bolts, coolant etc and quite a number of hours labour.
  8. £248 for what? just the parts? Because that job is a whole lot bigger than £248 lol
  9. An oversize washer of tigerseal is what I use depending on the situation.
  10. I'm actually looking at trying these tyres myself on the mondeo. 225/40R18 XL comes in around £60 a corner so much about what I pay just now and given that most days in Scotland are wet anyway... lol
  11. Certainly don't let your 'mate' loose with a valve spring compressor lol
  12. It's a bare minimum of valves
  13. Sounds like someone has made a monumental mistake somewhere. I have just done one on Friday afternoon along with the waterpump. I've done enough of them now - I didn't even remove the tools to rotate the engine to ensure everything still lines up. It's quite a difficult one to mess up if you have the correct tools and follow the procedure. But sounds like you'll have valve damage if the timing is set correctly now.
  14. But how did you lock and set the engine up to start with when you did it? Floating cams and crank..
  15. Did you have the correct tools to do the job?