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  1. Stick a puller on it, or stick the nut back on and use a pair of grips
  2. Worse than my wife lol
  3. Well if it's not a Nissan, Mercedes, Ford or Dacia.. What is it
  4. Haha you wish! Lol. Merc A class?
  5. Yes please do, you're more than welcome to stick around. still don't know what car yet though lol. Actually, depending on what car will depend if your still welcome or not haha
  6. Nissan qashqai actually that would be same engine I guess lol
  7. I hope it's not a Renault 1.5 engine lol
  8. Give us a clue as to the country of origin of the manufacturer.
  9. This can and will happen if you jack the car too much at once. ideal world you'll have 2 jacks, but you need to lift each side a couple of inches at a time.
  10. God help him lol
  11. Depends on the job but 90% of the time I'll use stands. If I'm doing something like a starter motor or an alternator I'll just fire the car up on a set of ramps.
  12. A Dacia, probably pay you to take it off their hands lol
  13. I drove past one yesterday where a lorry had parked about 30cm off the back door of the van, couldn't give the driver a thumbs up as i couldn't see him so just gave him a few beeps of the horn as i drove past laughing.