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  1. Those cheap tools will never do a steal pipe. i have a hand held tool - Sykes pickavant flaremaster 2 which will though. I'd be replacing the full pipe if it were mine.
  2. Chocolate hob nobs Ian, come on now you must like them?
  3. Just mind the biscuits lol (for me)
  4. you will need to see which tensioner you have fitted, generally I buy both kits and return one.
  5. I can vaguely recall you giving the link before to all the tools you either had bought or were going to buy. Did i also email you some pics?
  6. I would just drop the compressor off its bracket and swing it and the pipework out the way.
  7. I'm not sure I follow what you mean? I'm guessing you don't have the correct timing tools either?
  8. pmsl and p.s.. never admit a female is right lol
  9. A lesson not to let your mate carry out maintainence lol.
  10. I'm trying to think what the suspension looks like.. what engine do you have? Why not just unbolt the aircon compressor and swing it to the side.
  11. More a problem for removal I'd say. Not done one on your year of car but I have seen others where on trying to remove they just spin and that creates a headache!
  12. What engine have you got again? Just put your reg in on euro car parts.. Now there's a funny twist with the timing kits. Both gates kits use the same belt but different tensioners (1.25/1.4/1.6 engines) but also one kit has the crank bolt and cam shaft bolts, where as the other only has the crank bolt.
  13. I'd hazard a guess at Gates. ECP do gates kits for reasonable money. Just bought a kit for a Zetec engine last week for under £40 for a Gates kit will all parts required. Genuine water pump was just under £100 with gasket. I'd recommend changing the bolts too as they seem pretty cheap - I had one twist and snap under virtually no pressure. Some places selling the genuine pumps come with bolts it would seem.
  14. Nah I picked up/dropped off an engine for him a while back. 3 litre v6 for a Sierra.
  15. You'll know of Kevin Kirkness?