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  1. Take a lot of steroids as your going to need to be a monster to feed that belt on by hand lol
  2. I've never known anyone on here selling them to be honest.
  3. I would advise against it lol. Can I ask, if your car is needing a drive belt - has the timing belt ever been changed?
  4. Hahahahahaha do elaborate Ian
  5. No need to remove the headlight or grill to fit a drive belt. Remove the wheel and part of the arch lining covering the pulleys. they are stretch type belts so to remove the old one it's easiest to cut it. To fit the new one some belts do come with s fitting tool, otherwise you can buy one seperately. Otherwise you can red neck it and do it with screwdrivers if you are feeling brave and want to risk the new belt lol.
  6. £50 to fit a set of discs and pads?
  7. i use pagid discs and pads on any work i do by default unless someone states otherwise. Never had any problems with hundreds of sets fitted. I also like the coating on them which keeps the rust at bay for a while on the edges not in contact with the friction material.
  8. Consuming coolant is the clue. As for the crank bolt coming loose, did you use a new bolt? Done loads of timing belts on these engines and never had an issue with the bolt coming loose so I can only imagine it was never torqued correctly in the first place. I've never put loctite on one yet.
  9. stoney has given a link to the highway code but remember that women and cyclists have their own versions.
  10. just need to get the big gun out lol p.s i only use this for locking wheel nuts lol
  11. plug in cool box lol
  12. there we go then that answers that lol. A torque multiplier, I've used an inch drive one if i recall to do bolts tightened up to 1500nm. my other torque multiplier is a long scaffold tube lol
  13. If a drive to Scotland is close enough I'll do it for beer money lol