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  1. Changed the timing belt and water pump today on a Seat Ibiza 1.4 16v. it would appear that 4 years ago Arnold shark made a mess of it! The timing is one tooth out. The chamfered mark on the pulley should line up the small mark, 4V. It may have moved slightly before I took the pic but it was exactly one tooth out. The second pic with the tipex mark highlights where it should be positioned. So take what you will from a main dealer! Some extra pics just for reference. The full Gates timing belt kit including waterpump, 2 belts. 2 tensioners and 2 guide pulleys (1 of which is not fitted on this variant) was around £90.
  2. I would put a very small amount on the sleeve joints but nothing on the front joint as it should contain a round gasket/ring which crushes.
  3. Has it burst one of the metal brake lines? Or a flexi hose?
  4. Hello and welcome from the sunnier side of the Tay lol.
  5. I've no idea
  6. That's because there isn't any lol
  7. It was probably because I replied to this thread before you did so you got a notification of a new reply.
  8. The book time for the job is 0.4 hours.
  9. nope. can't speak for other models as I've had no reason to check them but I'd imagine they are the same.
  10. I can't speak for the 2.0 but certainly 1.6 petrol models use a cable operated throttle body. Most likey an issue with the cable I'd say.
  11. on a car that has cost you £190 you want to leave the gearbox in place haha.
  12. All i will say is please be very vary of cheap spring compressors, If you have ever had a spring slip or fire off you'll know how dangerous a situation it is. I use a hydraulic compressor now but I change quite a few springs in a year so I can justify it. By rear bushes do you mean subframe bushes? I think personally its preference as they could be done at a later date as and when required but I do appreciate it would probably be worthwhile doing them on a 13 year old car.
  13. Replacing the shocks and springs on the rear of mk3 is quite simple. To answer your questions, 1 - yes 2- possibly the drop links, sometimes I end up cutting them off. 3 - I tend to fit Sachs springs but I've fitted a good few anschler springs now from euro car parts with no complaints. 4 - can't help you with a link to a guide.
  14. The mk1 uses a concentric slave cylinder. As above though, personally I'd leave it alone for now.