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  1. Get a gas torch on it and heat it up
  2. an indicator or turn signal as it may have been called back then lol
  3. Can't say I have Ian, less likely that I have ever bought any of their stuff.
  4. Never heard of Borg & Beck, probably another brand who buy from multiple manufacturers so most likely a game of roulette as to what you will receive. Never used Mintex in a while but their stuff was usually pretty good.
  5. I've fitted hundreds of pagid brake discs and pads, a few sets of shoes and a few wheel cylinders without any trouble so you will be fine.
  6. I did that when the links were posted in another thread.. it was actually cheaper to get them through halfords! bear in mind, ECP do hike the prices up to give you a so called 30% discount. I bought a clutch kit the other week as well as numerous other things and all are now way over priced compared to what I paid.
  7. Why don't you get prices from local independants, An older car at a dealer is a safe way to part with loads of cash for no real benefit,
  8. Not on the mk2 it ain't fella
  9. the old mk1 focus had pressed in bearings, on the mk2 it uses bearing/hub assemblies. Get yourself a big hammer too, you might need it to remove the old ones lol
  10. I generally stick to well known brands such as SKF, F A G - both are OE manufacturers. (swear word filter doesn't like F A G lol)
  11. Why not just go to a local factors? I paid £80 for a Valeo 3 piece clutch kit last month for a 1.25 2005 fiesta.
  12. fitted hundreds of sets of Pagid pads and discs and never had any complaints of squeaking - be it my cars, family or punters.
  13. Just realised there was a reply to this thread David, Yes its a very simple and quick fix. So far it has worked wonders on the Fiestas I have done so far.
  14. There is an issue with the bush on the selector rod on the front of the gearbox. I've fixed this on several fiestas by simply cleaning up the rod, giving the nylon type bush a quick file and a small dab of grease before reassembling.
  15. I agree with Ian on the lack of compression. The sound that engine is making is just a constant noise, there is no 'toof toof' type sound. You wont feel any valve/piston contact when turning over by hand if the damage is already done and valves are bent.