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  1. Haha yes very true! I'll just stick to my good old tried N tested chain I think. Speaking of chains, I've got a corsa C 1.4 chain and valve stem seals to do next week.
  2. That's a fair point! Something I'm not a fan of is flushing agents.
  3. I've heard varying comments on them. Most saying around 80-100k although some have been really early failures. Biggest cause for failure is being blamed on wrong spec oils being used? Any truth in that?
  4. Ford wet belt - @iantt interval is 125k miles? 98k on this one lol.
  5. If you don't want the expense of buying kit to use once then you'd be better off sacrificing the oil that's in the sump and getting it to a local garage to fit an insert. The best option is a new sump but an insert will do.
  6. Do they really.. Fitted literally hundreds of sets of pagid discs and pads as well as use them on my personal cars and have absolutely no complaints.
  7. The last I knew a speedo wasn't an mot testable item (for operation).
  8. It's too problematic trying to get something arranged.
  9. Whats wrong with that bit? lol
  10. What's not particularly cool? Nothing was meant to be cool.. Lol sorry you can't make it. I just can't be bothered removing it just now so it can stay there lol - it doesn't show on my phone so it'll do for now.
  11. Are you sure you don't have a sticking caliper or slide?
  12. I'm lucky to work in an industry where we are still allowed to use leaded solder lol. I guess the military wouldn't appreciate the hassles of lead free! It's horrendous stuff! (Proud to admit I'm not in any of the forces)
  13. Willing to fit the clutch on a mk3 for £130? Good luck with that lol
  14. Arguably you could say the same about most things lol