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  1. At this point I normally reach into my bag for the sawn off shotgun and say, well I did offer to pay for it but now I'm having it.
  2. Sonic I've sent you an email with 2 attachments.
  3. Your new timing belt kit should come with a fitting guide and torque settings. Usually there is sheet included with them. That guide certainly looks about right.
  4. Can you use them both together though? Or would it be £10.20? Good point though! Forgot about discount card.
  5. £11 if you have a trade card lol.
  6. What exactly would you like to know? I've got autodata books and Haynes pro.
  7. mint
  8. Here's me testing a set of glow plugs before I spend any money lol
  9. A £70 set of glow plugs is peanuts on your £8500 spend over 5 years just go for it.
  10. They still sell Shell oil in Ecp.
  11. It's definitely a driveway job. The essiest solution is just to replace the full arm but the bushes as you have already said can be replaced. I have a set of them I bought for a job and never used, I ended up replacing both arms instead for other reasons.
  12. That'll most likely be down to the oil hitting hot surfaces and the fumes being drawn into the cabin. It'll clear once the oil is cleaned up.
  13. you need to get that back to them and give them the chance to rectify the error. They should give the engine a clean with degreaser to get rid of the worst of the oil and top up oil as required. As for an aircon charge though, your barking up the completely wrong tree lol. Once the oil has been cleaned up and any residual oil burns off from the exhaust, the smell will pass.
  14. I have the TDCI ST model and it uses standard suspension so most likely yours does too