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  1. Hmm..I won't be paying $399.99 dollars a year to upgrade my account!
  2. What about biscuits, did you get any biscuits with your cups of tea lol.
  3. Reverse always gives a crunch on the IB5 box. I've sorted countless IB5 boxes on fiesta's now where the bushing on the selector seizes up when its warm and makes it very difficult to get into gear.
  4. look for the yellow chalk on the underside of the car DVSA lol
  5. Jock Campbell, probably because hes a bit like me - constantly swearing and barking He's also from a place not far from me, hes done well in life for sure.
  6. do you order any particular product?
  7. I do, vaguely though lol mention of the brake pads on the mot certificate itself?
  8. If it passed the efficiency test and handbrake functions then it'll pass. What the can't see they can't test and they don't remove anything.
  9. Has it been mot'd lately? 7500 is poor.
  10. Have you got a link to that bud? I would use them anyway
  11. NGK give this as a guideline. Personally I never torque them up.
  12. torquing up spark plugs is overrated lol
  13. I don't know whether to laugh or cry
  14. Was there a manufacturing problem with these or what? I've never come across one yet despite hearing about them enough but I know mine has never been touched in 6.5 years of ownership and anyone i know who's had or still owns a mk3 has never had problems with the actuator. I have a pile of receipts that come with my car dating back nearly 10 years and nothing there to say its ever been done either.
  15. I've never done one of them yet, heard enough about problems with them though lol.