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  1. I would tell you the rest of the Hamish story but it won’t be on the forum as I’ll be branded a racist although it was a bit mutual respect between us.. put it this way he certainly doesn’t wear a kilt or have ginger hair! Quite the opposite lol.
  2. Cam belt

    I’ve done a number of these now where the ‘customer’ didn’t want to spend the extra on replacing the pump. Never been an issue yet anyway. on the other hand if I’m quoting for a pump i will only supply a genuine ford one with gasket and bolts. If really pushed I’ll use a gates belt/pump kit but I have not used one on a ford so far.
  3. I’m glad to hear you ain’t driving yours with a spring like that! Lol
  4. Sadly it seems the way now, chuck them out and any issues will come back to be fixed! Most of them don’t really care once you’ve bought a car. we have actually had an outstanding service from Hamish in Arnold Clark in Armadale. I gave him a few items needing done to the car I wanted to buy such as missing bit trim, front discs and pads and timing belt. I told him I wanted them doing to get a sale and also paperwork to go with it as proof. Went in a week later to collect the car and the first thing he done was put the paperwork out in front of me and handed over the keys, ‘go have a look over it yourself’. Sure enough, everything had been done. We had an issue shortly after buying it where it felt like the back end was loosing grip. Had a look round and found a leaking shock. Wasn’t like that when I inspected it the first time. Phoned Hamish back, couldn’t have been nicer about getting it back in to get the shocks changed. had that car 5 years now, never missed a beat. 2007 Seat Ibiza 1.4 Petrol if your wondering lol.
  5. It wasn’t the sales guy I had a problem with it was the service manager. To say I nearly squared up to him a couple of times in the show room and him wanting to phone the police is just the start of it lol. £7500 of cash gone and the bodged my motor. Wasn’t leaving until it was getting sorted! And by the way, he did finally break and do it. Sent my mum in to collect my £50 fuel compensation too as he had forgotten about that. He told her I intimated him whatever it takes, I’ll do it! I've still got the same car 7 years on, it’s been a cracking motor after the initial hiccups caused by the dealer.
  6. You’ve still to explain where the missing power steering fluid has gone lol
  7. Without shadow of a doubt Evans Halshaw! Probably safe to say I would not be welcome back to the Glasgow branch lol.
  8. First question is, if the fluid level has dropped where has it gone? With the pump making noises I’d have to suspect it’s probably at fault. I guess my next step given you have indicated noises from the belt would be to remove the drive belts and make sure everything spins freely.
  9. I have never actually seen a tin like that. But then 2002 was a long time ago lol. Was it made by a different manufacturer back then, looking at the name on the tin it was? It’s hammerite who own them now? whatever the case, it’s definitely not as good as it used to be. To the original poster, just to keep this on track. I think you need to get a bigger bar on that bolt. Doesn’t look over corroded on the top side.
  10. That’s the very tin I carry in the car, I also carry the aerosol version, albeit the aerosol one is the new stuff. Induction heater is the way forward. Out of most folks price range though lol.
  11. Are we talking the change from the purple to the black tins here? I go through loads of the stuff working on all sorts and I have said a few times since the change that it isn’t as good as it used to be! At £3.70 or there abouts for a big tin of it now it’s no surprise. I’m sure I used to pay more for the old stuff.
  12. clutch slip

    its a hydraulic clutch to answer your question, so no adjustment.
  13. Rear Wheel Bearing

    Yeah I guess having the right bit helps too lol.
  14. Rear Wheel Bearing

    It’s even better when the owner has previously attempted to remove the bolts with a 12 point socket and rounded them all off lol.
  15. Reverse Light Switch on MK6.5 1.4L Fiesta

    You could change the reverse switch without even jacking the car up if your keen enough. shouldn't be any oil loss a switch is higher than fill plug.