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  1. How did you get into DIY Car Maintenance?

    Who's all worthy of one of these then?
  2. My injectors lasted 80k miles, but quite possibly less because the 'originals' had green tape on each pipe as if they had been marked up. cost me £550 for a set to fit myself.
  3. Power steering leakages

    and it also depends where on the system the leak is
  4. Brake Pads Question

    I've never done any testing except the fitting of 'Eicher' rubbish from euro car parts! They should come with a file in the box to give you half a chance! To answer the OP. Generally I've used Pagid for years now. Apec on occasion as that's what my other supplier deals with.
  5. its a diesel Damian lol. I'd want to see the results of a leak off test if it were mine. a look at live data too would help to see what's going on fuel pressure wise. I've only had a lumpy idle/smoke on cold which was down to worn injectors. The revs would hunt all over the place and the engine looked like it was about to leave the car any minute! is it the euro 3 or 4? euro 4 has electronic egr and turbo actuator.
  6. temp sender

    Yes it does
  7. Is it the Alternator? 09 1.6TDCI

    You say that and yes I kinda agree. Trouble is everyone just gets a loan of a car now..
  8. temp sender

    You don't say what engine so I'll assume it's the 1.6 petrol? there is one CHT - cylinder head temp sensor. Surprising it's found in the middle of the spark plug ports lol
  9. Which Amp Alternator For Focus 1.8 Tdci

    What brand of alternator did you fit? Please tell me not an RTX lol
  10. Tyre life

    Just the usual ones, some don't offer fitting but the likes of Oponeo, camskill, tyre leader etc. not keen on black circles as I often find their prices overinflated, pardon the pun lol.
  11. Tyre life

    I've found some of these sites are charging inflated prices on some tyres fitted. i have my own tyre machine so I order all my own tyres amongst plenty others. Some of the prices vary wildly between sites!
  12. correct brake disc,pad and engine belt replacment help

    Did you purchase the eicher pads n discs? That is a brand I will refuse to fit for anyone. The pads would be aswell coming with a file and a template!
  13. correct brake disc,pad and engine belt replacment help

    Have you got the tools to refit? Removal is usually done by just cutting them. Without any kit you'll be struggling to save them without damage.
  14. correct brake disc,pad and engine belt replacment help

    That is the alternator drive belt. Both the belts are stretch belts so no tensioner