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  1. Willing to fit the clutch on a mk3 for £130? Good luck with that lol
  2. Arguably you could say the same about most things lol
  3. Most kits come with the crank bolt(s), only some seem to have the cam bolts though. I've got a pile of crank bolts now that are no use to me from all the belts I've done on these engines.
  4. You would be turning the crank in the opposite direction to the crank pin anyway to loosen it.
  5. Hold it with your hand lol
  6. Are you using an impact gun to remove or the old fashioned way?
  7. If your using an impact gun it's quite easy to undo the pulley bolt without the tendency for it to try and turn. I'll send you some pictures shortly
  8. Tell him it's not as powerful as a milwaukee gun, that'll upset him because it's true and it cost twice as much
  9. Yup, the 1.25/1.4/1.6 Zetec engines are all the same to do and seem to be a favourite considering the amount of them i have done! I can email you some pics if interested if you pm me your email. I have a Milwaukee m18 fuel impact gun that rips the crank bolts out for fun but if you only have a breaker bar is suggest putting some heat on the bolt first to break the bond - I used to have to do this with my old impact gun. i used to use the flywheel locking tool, for the extra 5 mins to unbolt the starter it was a good insurance that nothing is going to move or bed managed by putting the force on the timing pin.
  10. You can remove the starter and fit a locking tool if you wish, probably a better option for anyone who has little experience of timing belts to be fair.
  11. ah ok lol, I'll let you off then.
  12. Because the the heck needs 8 TVs in one house
  13. It's a common enough problem on every car these days. I'd recommend doing the pair.