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  1. cambelt change due

    My place of work used to have pubs onsite! As you say, those were the days eh.
  2. cambelt change due

    Haha. Depends what level of service you want lol. And trust me.. After 2 beers, you wouldn't want me working on your motor lol.
  3. cambelt change due

    On a serious note, if that was a serious interest send me a PM and I'll give you the prices lol.
  4. cambelt change due

    Make it the 2 pal
  5. Focus MK2 Drivebelt?

    under the sump with a block of wood to spread the load is the usual place.
  6. Focus MK2 Drivebelt?

    Just under the engine mount, to the right. Flat pulley with 4 bolts.
  7. Focus MK2 Drivebelt?

    Do they do them that big? Lol
  8. Dashcams, again!

    I know of a few mechanics who will switch off dash cams when taking cars into the workshop. I guess if you don't like it then tough.
  9. Help needed

    Sounds like you're about to be the next victim of the power steering failure on the 1.6 petrol.
  10. Torque setting

  11. mk2 fuel filter

    Don't believe what comes up on parts sites, especially euro car parts!
  12. Identifying oil types

    Asking for the empty can isn't going to prove anything, you'd need to see them putting it in. Depending on how many of those engines they do it may come from a barrel anyway.
  13. !HELP! 1.5 tdci, removing cat and dpf

    You do realise that is an mot failure to remove them?
  14. DIY Wheel Alignment.

    But that's exactly where only those with the competence to set tracking should be using it. If it uses the same basic principles as basic tracking at a garage then there shouldn't be an issue. The difference with some of the 'basic' garage equipment is that they are easier and quicker to set up for commercial purposes - time is money n all that. i only ever pay £20-£25 for basic tracking and never had any issues until now where I have some wear on the inside edges of my tyres. I've not had it done for a long time to be fair. If the above system is reliable and actually gets good results I'd be happy to try it. I look after more cars than I care to count but even on my personal cars/family cars it would pay for itself very quickly. i have my own tyre machine and balancer but I can still get the same results, possibly better results at home lol.
  15. DIY Wheel Alignment.

    The biggest issue is going to be how do you get in to make changes without disturbing everything lol.