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  1. 'DMF should last two or three clutches, often over 100k miles' And how often do you go through clutches
  2. They are a standard right hand thread so to loosen you need to turn them anti clockwise. Don't go mad with them, you'll only snap them.
  3. Is it an original belt? It is an interference engine too so there will be some valve damage.
  4. This is the latest alloy I've had done to match the rest on my mondeo. £40 to have it blasted back to bare aluminium, minor defects sorted and powder coated with that finish. It's just not worth spending hours doing it yourself when you can get professional results for little money.
  5. It's the same unit on the mk1 focus, the slave cylinder and release bearing are combined - also known as a concentric slave cylinder.
  6. It's a waste of time and expensive to do yourself. i get my 18" alloys blasted and powder coated at a local place for £40 a wheel.
  7. If your using plusgas, for this type of application get yourself the non aerosol type tin. its cheaper and will be easier to drop into the offending plug without splashing it everywhere. Just how effective the plusgas will be is anyones guess but atleast you can leave a good puddle around the plug to soak in for a while. looking on ebay the aerosol type is about the same price as the non aerosol type. I was getting plusgas for £3 for a 400ml aerosol tin just recently.
  8. I would use something such as plusgas or equivalent and let that soak in for a bit. Wd40 is a last resort in my opinion, when I've forgotten to lift a tin of plusgas. I think with regards to the tool I mentioned, I'm not entirely sure. Someone out there local to you with a bit of luck will have one though.
  9. Find someone with a low torque impact gun specifically for this task. Sykes pickavant make one called a vibro impact gun and it's specifically for removing seized spark plugs and glow plugs. It works by applying a small turning force, 10,20,30 or 40Nm if I recall but uses vibration to work them loose.
  10. you must be built like the hulk then Lenny lol. Think you'd best invest in a low range torque wrench
  11. So in which case i would have spent £80 for nothing in the last 9 years of owning a second hand ford
  12. yeah it really is a simple 10 min job. I replaced a boot switch on a 2005 focus a while back, too no time to do and it is very straight forward.
  13. it seems my only specialist task at work these days is the brute force and ignorance when everyone else has failed nice one Sonic.
  14. Come on now Ian
  15. I really wouldn't be using 3/8 to undo the crank bolt, it does take a bit of oomph to undo even with a 600mm breaker bar.