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  1. Can't thank u enuff Stef the wee car drives like a dream now


    1. stef123


      No probs, glad to be of service :)

  2. Exactly as I said though to the OP, you clearly had good reason to be bothering to change the oil. 5 litres of gear oil can be had for sbout £25
  3. I bet I couldn't even buy enough paint, lacquer and consumables to do 4x 18" alloys for £60. That and I need somewhere dust free/clean atmosphere.. 4 wheels blasted back to bare metal and coated is a better finish than sanding will achieve IMO. time is also money, I could be doing better things than sat sanding and spraying lol. My wheels were bare as I removed the tyres myself so new tyres and valves fitted.
  4. The boxes have no service interval and oil is deemed to be for the life of the box. unless you have any reason to be changing it I wouldn't bother. the only time I do it is if I'm changing a clutch or removing ths box. Also there is no drain plug on them - I'm presuming yours is also an ib5 type.
  5. The clearances on modern engines are so tight i would like to see anyone get away with it lol.
  6. The valve damage will have already occurred. If it's turning over that means the valves are now clear of the Pistons.
  7. that's the most accurate thing I've heard all week lol
  8. Looking good, nice work
  9. a big coffee cup and pack of biscuits with 50% extra free lol
  10. Renault timing belts done have the best of reputations so safer to have it done.
  11. I've only had it happen once, followed by a fault code. When the fuel pump cannot get as much fuel as it demands or expects it will go into Limp mode. I put mine down to the paper in the filter waxing as there was absolutely no dirt or anything visible within. I was able to get home at around 60mph still but with no turbo and no power uphill lol.
  12. Hey sonic, You are definitely on the right lines with the tools. The laser locking kit 4347 is correct, you need one pin and the long bar from that kit. Dont worry about the tensioner pin, you won't need it anyway. Your new tensioner will come with one fitted that you remove as and when required. The cam sprocket holding tool is also fine. Now the flywheel locking tool is not essential but it really does help, probably more so since you have never done one before. It takes an extra 10 mins to fit, you simply just remove the starter motor and put it in place. A little fettling is required to get it spot on.
  13. I don't know, ask my father in law about that lol. For 5 years he never serviced his car despite it only costing him the price of oil n filter.. Until the smoke from the exhaust appeared and started getting worse until it was at the point where you couldn't see anything in rear view mirror. After fitting a new engine for him, he never misses an oil change now but it's all at a cost, the new engine, plus clutch, coolant, drive belt, oil and filter, other service items and any other parts I fitted come in around £400 instead of something like £18 a year
  14. Yes you'll end up in limp mode when it clogs up bad enough lol
  15. lol if you don't mind that would be great. I tried to get a set of the pins before but seems that everyone has discontinued them for some reason.