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  1. Humour is one thing mate. You are just looking for trouble by my reckoning and trying to flame the situation. Libtard eh? Well don't expect me to back you up for anything if that's how you feel.
  2. I think we will leave it at that lads thank you. Please bear in mind Joe is a new member of the club and this is not the image we should be portraying.
  3. I generally stick to well known brands such as SKF, F A G - both are OE manufacturers. (swear word filter doesn't like F A G lol)
  4. Why not just go to a local factors? I paid £80 for a Valeo 3 piece clutch kit last month for a 1.25 2005 fiesta.
  5. fitted hundreds of sets of Pagid pads and discs and never had any complaints of squeaking - be it my cars, family or punters.
  6. Just realised there was a reply to this thread David, Yes its a very simple and quick fix. So far it has worked wonders on the Fiestas I have done so far.
  7. There is an issue with the bush on the selector rod on the front of the gearbox. I've fixed this on several fiestas by simply cleaning up the rod, giving the nylon type bush a quick file and a small dab of grease before reassembling.
  8. I agree with Ian on the lack of compression. The sound that engine is making is just a constant noise, there is no 'toof toof' type sound. You wont feel any valve/piston contact when turning over by hand if the damage is already done and valves are bent.
  9. @Trevor is the man to get this sorted.
  10. Can't thank u enuff Stef the wee car drives like a dream now


    1. stef123


      No probs, glad to be of service :)

  11. Exactly as I said though to the OP, you clearly had good reason to be bothering to change the oil. 5 litres of gear oil can be had for sbout £25
  12. I bet I couldn't even buy enough paint, lacquer and consumables to do 4x 18" alloys for £60. That and I need somewhere dust free/clean atmosphere.. 4 wheels blasted back to bare metal and coated is a better finish than sanding will achieve IMO. time is also money, I could be doing better things than sat sanding and spraying lol. My wheels were bare as I removed the tyres myself so new tyres and valves fitted.
  13. The boxes have no service interval and oil is deemed to be for the life of the box. unless you have any reason to be changing it I wouldn't bother. the only time I do it is if I'm changing a clutch or removing ths box. Also there is no drain plug on them - I'm presuming yours is also an ib5 type.
  14. The clearances on modern engines are so tight i would like to see anyone get away with it lol.
  15. The valve damage will have already occurred. If it's turning over that means the valves are now clear of the Pistons.