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  1. First question is, if the fluid level has dropped where has it gone? With the pump making noises I’d have to suspect it’s probably at fault. I guess my next step given you have indicated noises from the belt would be to remove the drive belts and make sure everything spins freely.
  2. I have never actually seen a tin like that. But then 2002 was a long time ago lol. Was it made by a different manufacturer back then, looking at the name on the tin it was? It’s hammerite who own them now? whatever the case, it’s definitely not as good as it used to be. To the original poster, just to keep this on track. I think you need to get a bigger bar on that bolt. Doesn’t look over corroded on the top side.
  3. That’s the very tin I carry in the car, I also carry the aerosol version, albeit the aerosol one is the new stuff. Induction heater is the way forward. Out of most folks price range though lol.
  4. Are we talking the change from the purple to the black tins here? I go through loads of the stuff working on all sorts and I have said a few times since the change that it isn’t as good as it used to be! At £3.70 or there abouts for a big tin of it now it’s no surprise. I’m sure I used to pay more for the old stuff.
  5. clutch slip

    its a hydraulic clutch to answer your question, so no adjustment.
  6. Rear Wheel Bearing

    Yeah I guess having the right bit helps too lol.
  7. Rear Wheel Bearing

    It’s even better when the owner has previously attempted to remove the bolts with a 12 point socket and rounded them all off lol.
  8. Reverse Light Switch on MK6.5 1.4L Fiesta

    You could change the reverse switch without even jacking the car up if your keen enough. shouldn't be any oil loss a switch is higher than fill plug.
  9. Just serviced, few "recommendations" :(

    A couple of hours to fit? you could fit the boot and seal, top up the oil in less than an hour lol.
  10. Just serviced, few "recommendations" :(

    £250 to fit an inner boot, replace a seal and top up the gearbox oil? I’d see what your local independent can do.
  11. Engine issues

    As above, the light could be on for a thousand reasons. You really need to read the codes off it to get a starting point.
  12. re map mondeo tdci?

    I just put the car into limo mode for the mot oops not allowed to say that.
  13. re map mondeo tdci?

    It was a tester who first told me about it
  14. re map mondeo tdci?

    It’s going to write a few cars off anyway that’s for sure. There is plenty of talk of it at the moment, but I can’t yet find you a piece of official information on it.
  15. heater

    Blower motor resistor.