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  1. Radio Code

    I've just picked up my Focus today and my serial number begins with V. I'm assuming you've locked your radio code out? Unless anyone else knows how to access this you will probably be best speaking to your local ford dealer.
  2. Missing Parts?

    You could try writing to Ford Technical Information Centre, PO Box 300, Walsall WS5 4GH and they should be able to send you some technical drawings. If you've got access to a fax machine the number is 01922 725266. Good luck.
  3. Y reg Focus Rust will it be covered by Ford?

    You will need to check the Service Portfolio booklet. For your car to be covered by the warranty the body and paint record must have been completed by a Ford authorised dealer. Good luck.
  4. Fuel Cap question

    Just picked up my new Focus Titanium today!!! The new fuel flap is not designed to lock. The aperture inside is locked but not the flap itself (I've checked mine by trying to put my finger in to no avail). Further inside there is a very fine mesh that only allows the fuel to pass through (info from Ford technical helpline) I used to work for them so know a little about their vehicles. Hope this puts your mind at rest.