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  1. I have a couple of problems 1. When I switch on the blower to maximum it does not seem as powerful as my friends fiesta but when I select either reverse or windscreen wash the blower speed increases and decreases after about 20 seconds. 2. When I turn off the engine the stereo switches off but a constant buzzing is still emitted from the speakers and this noise can still be heard when driving with the stereo turned down. Any suggestions
  2. Hi everyone I,m new to this but here goes When changing gear on my Fiesta 1.4 Titanium I release the accelerator pedal, press the clutch and change gear, but the 'Revs' are still high and it appears to 'slip the clutch' or 'ride the clutch' Is this normal or can it be adjusted as Iam concerned I am damaging the clutch
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Graham Sumner :)