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  1. Hi All, My work van has developed the below problems Central Locking not working Electric Windows not working Drivers Side speaker not working Warning Saying driver side door open when its not Indicators flashing faster when in use Hazards randomly flashing What could the problem be? Waiting to see if its still under warranty
  2. where do I get one of these, how much roughly and how easy is it to do? Thanks
  3. update for you. cleared the oil out of the spark plug chamber and 'italian tuned' the car - retested and passed the emmission flying colours
  4. just read the paperwork again, and it was CO which was high not the CO2 So High CO and HC. Car is running better now I have cleared the oil from the spark plug chambers and no new oil has appeared so I am hoping it was just that. Will blast it before MOT to see if that helps. Could I check anything else?
  5. Just checked and they did not leave the figures with the paperwork I did take ht leads of and in the chambers it was full of oil. Coupke of months ago i left the oil cap off so presume it filled then cleaned it and its running better now. Do u think that would have skewed emmissions?
  6. Hi, 51 plate focus failed emissions test on Hydrocarbons and co2. what could be causing this and how could i fix it? cheers
  7. took it to a friend who is a mechanic. its the thermostat housing he gonna sort for me. thankfully nothing big
  8. I will jack it up and have a look. the carpets are wet, i have heard about the heater matrix lol
  9. how would i know?
  10. dont think its the radiator as the water looks like it is coming frommidway up the egine
  11. Hi all, After a little help. i was driving to north wales from surrey when the temperature needle suddenly jumped up and the engine light came on. i stopped and noticed the coolant was empty (i had checked before the journey and it was halfway between min and max).I waited for it to cool then topped it up and finished the journey. next day the engine light was now off, but the bottle was empty again. i put water in and noticed drips down the front of the engine running down under the gearbox. the strange thing is that the whole time i was away, sometimes it leaked but sometimes it didnt. the car got me back with no top ups. there is no lack of power, no white smoke and no sludge around the oil filler cap so wondered if anyone knew what it could be. thanks
  12. are there any free online guides to do this? how long will it take to do? thanks
  13. Hi all Got a 51 plate 1.6 focus. The clutch is slipping (slow to pull away and high revs). How easy is it to change yourself and do u need to change the CSC or can I get away with not changing it. thanks
  14. Welcome to the Ford forums andystephens :)