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  1. Acceleration Noise

    Hi all, Have a 1.8 TDCI C-MAX and have started to get a whirring noise when I put the gas down, Any ideas guys?
  2. Lower Front Grill

    Hi all, Not sure if has been posted on here, but does anyone know how to remove the lower front grill? I have a 57 plate c-max Cheers
  3. Front Wheel Bearings

    Had both of mine done today. Cost £70 for both bearings and £60 for fitting by a mate.
  4. Front Wheel Bearings

    thanks very much for your help
  5. Front Wheel Bearings

    I have seen these hub kits and it comes with a bolt and washer, do they pull off with that?
  6. Front Wheel Bearings

    Hi all, does anyone know how and is it difficult to change the front wheel bearings? Cheers
  7. Radio Removal

    Cheers for the advice, tried and failed. taking it to my local in-car entertainment installer Saturday. :-(
  8. Radio Removal

    Hi all, Can anyone please HELP. I can not remove my radio, When having the 4 keys in, only 1 side tries to come out. the bottom left key does not do anything, it feels like it does not touch anything and basicly just pushes in and out. Can anyone give me some advice :-(
  9. Newy Saying Hello

    Hi all you Ford fans, Im a newbie from Harlow Essex saying a BIG hello to you all :-)
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums cmaxman39 :)