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  1. Going for an air intake!

    There's plenty of videos on YouTube that show the sound difference after fitting one.
  2. Going for an air intake!

    It's also worth lookIng into a forge motorsport one. I've had a few of their products over the years and they're top notch quality and often very reasonably priced. Im looking to get one on my ST in the not so distant future
  3. Few pics of my ST

    I'm totally with you on that... they come standard as red, it seems like too much of a faff to change them to green or another colour though. im looking at the badges as well, but DMB don't do them anymore so I'll have to have a hunt
  4. Few pics of my ST

    Thanks all! I really like the green lip, amazing what a £4 roll of pin stripe tape can do :)
  5. Few pics of my ST

    Having owned the car for a little while now, I managed to finally get some pics that weren't just on my driveway! Comments welcome...
  6. K&n panel filter

    If you want silicone pipes, I'd recommend Forge motorsport. They're cheaper than mountune and amazing quality. I've fitted one along with a k&n panel filter. I cant really see any performance difference but induction noise has definitely got louder. Alrhough im going to getting the Forge cone filter with heat shield in the next month or so.
  7. k&n Panel air filter

    Again mines on an ST but I noticed a difference in sound more than anything. You could hear the turbo dumps slightly better. I guess through sucking in more air
  8. Tyres

    I thought they came with 16s as standard then the street pack bumped them up to 17s...
  9. Forscan

    Yeah I bought an already modified elm 327 from eBay with the switch. That's the thing, I've tried searching but not having much luck.
  10. Forscan

    Ok thanks, I'll have a look at this. Do you have a guide or any useful links on how to do it?
  11. Forscan

    I don't suppose you could easily replicate it or have some sort of guide? 😂
  12. Forscan

    This is what worries me! I had a similar system for my audi and it was a piece of cake to navigate. This ford one scares me some what! I've got an ELM 327 modified cable?
  13. Forscan

    How do you go about getting a license?
  14. Forscan

    No 🙈. I plugged it in and it recognised my car as a focus? Which I found strange. It then asked to make a copy of the settings into my documents. Which I did. But I was on edge about progressing as I didn't want to balls anything up
  15. Forscan

    Does anyone on here have any in depth knowledge of Forscan? I've picked myself up a cable and software with the vision of enabling auto locking doors on my ST3 but I can't fathom it out... I've tried Googling etc and am not having much luck! Thanks