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  1. I don't suppose you could easily replicate it or have some sort of guide? 😂
  2. This is what worries me! I had a similar system for my audi and it was a piece of cake to navigate. This ford one scares me some what! I've got an ELM 327 modified cable?
  3. How do you go about getting a license?
  4. No 🙈. I plugged it in and it recognised my car as a focus? Which I found strange. It then asked to make a copy of the settings into my documents. Which I did. But I was on edge about progressing as I didn't want to balls anything up
  5. Does anyone on here have any in depth knowledge of Forscan? I've picked myself up a cable and software with the vision of enabling auto locking doors on my ST3 but I can't fathom it out... I've tried Googling etc and am not having much luck! Thanks
  6. It's just rust, it always happens when you wash your car if you notice or if it rains then dries out. As you drive off and lightly touch the brakes it rubs off totally normal :)
  7. Defo! There was a big thunderstorm the next day lol and the roads were filthy. Just gives me an excuse to keep washing it hey!
  8. They're such a stunning colour when clean but dirty so easily! I tried to push for a nano coating but I was riding my luck a bit at £400 lol. So it's had two coats of swissvax best of show. Im big into detailing myself so once this wears off I'll look at doing some nano coating myself
  9. What he said, I had red ones on my old car. You'd never know they weren't actual bolts. They come with a cool tool to remove them as well
  10. So I picked up my brand new Shadow Black ST3 apporoximately 4 weeks ago. I'm a bit of a clean freak with my car (but then again who isn't on here right?!?) I toyed endlessly with the idea of not allowing ford to clean my car before picking it up, to avoid the dreaded dealer swirls. But in the end I decided against the idea and let Ford prepare it their way. Well it turned out to be a mistake! When I collected the car it had dried in birds *****, the transportation stickers were only half ripped off, door shuts were caked in green sap and the paint had a few swirls. So I grumbled to the salesman who agreed it was no fit state to be handed over. He swiftly got the dealer cleaners to get it spruced up, my car got whisked away for half an hour, where they must've taken sand paper to the car. It came back looking even worse than before. I was not happy! So kindly asked to speak to the manager, in which time he couldn't apologise enough and we came to an agreement that I could take the car to a detailer of my choice who would correct the paintwork damage and Ford would cover the costs :) I then booked the car in to Specialie Detailing in Cwmbran. Emilio is a great guy, very knowledgeable and eager to get started on my car. It was booked in for a 2 day enhancement detail costing an eye watering £400. Ford gave me an eco sport diesel whilst my car was in the garage for 5 days which was a nice gesture. Not a bad car overall but a million miles away from my ST. Speciale detailing ended up keeping my car in for 4 days to completely restore the paintwork as a pose to just enhancing it. They weren't overly busy and I had the courtesy car so made perfect sense to me. Anyway here are the pictures of the car: And a video of the reflections: Overall so happy with how the car is looking now, especially considering it cost me nothing!
  11. Used to be a previous member with an S1600, moved to Audi for a few years, now I've decided to come back with a Shadow Black ST3 this time. Collected on Saturday and absolutely love it. In 3 days I've whacked 300 miles on the clock lol. It just constantly puts a massive grin on my face every time I drive it. I love the noise the engine makes, the brute speed and the way it handles. I've chucked in a K&N panel filter, I plan to lower it on some Eibachs and space the wheels 15mm. Then I'll debate the idea of a REVO stg 1. Here's some pics: Look forward to getting to know you all again :)
  12. Hi all, After 3 1/2 years away from Ford and my S1600 I have returned to the blue oval :) I sold my S1600 for an Audi A3, in the process of trading it in now for a lovely new Fiesta ST3 in black with the style pack. Last Ford Audi My new baby (not the exact car but will look identical) I'd been looking at new cars for a little while now and decided to take a look at the ST. The figures came in and they were incredibly hard to say no to. Took the car for a spin and absolutely loved it! Plenty of gadgets on the ST3 to keep me busy for a little while to. Can't wait for delivery now :) :)
  13. Spacers aren't dangerous, hub centric basically means it uses a plate that sits on the hub, then you get extended wheel bolts to hold the wheel in place. The other type of spacers bolt to the hub, then you bolt your tyre to the hub. So there's two lots of fixings, which are sometimes weak and can cause problems, I'll try and find you a link to some. It's all preference how far you go out and depends on how low your car is before they start to rub
  14. You're bang on mate, you want hub-centric spacers though, they're a lot safer.
  15. These are the types of things you want: Info: