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  1. Used to be a previous member with an S1600, moved to Audi for a few years, now I've decided to come back with a Shadow Black ST3 this time. Collected on Saturday and absolutely love it. In 3 days I've whacked 300 miles on the clock lol. It just constantly puts a massive grin on my face every time I drive it. I love the noise the engine makes, the brute speed and the way it handles. I've chucked in a K&N panel filter, I plan to lower it on some Eibachs and space the wheels 15mm. Then I'll debate the idea of a REVO stg 1. Here's some pics: Look forward to getting to know you all again :)
  2. Hi all, After 3 1/2 years away from Ford and my S1600 I have returned to the blue oval :) I sold my S1600 for an Audi A3, in the process of trading it in now for a lovely new Fiesta ST3 in black with the style pack. Last Ford Audi My new baby (not the exact car but will look identical) I'd been looking at new cars for a little while now and decided to take a look at the ST. The figures came in and they were incredibly hard to say no to. Took the car for a spin and absolutely loved it! Plenty of gadgets on the ST3 to keep me busy for a little while to. Can't wait for delivery now :) :)
  3. Spacers aren't dangerous, hub centric basically means it uses a plate that sits on the hub, then you get extended wheel bolts to hold the wheel in place. The other type of spacers bolt to the hub, then you bolt your tyre to the hub. So there's two lots of fixings, which are sometimes weak and can cause problems, I'll try and find you a link to some. It's all preference how far you go out and depends on how low your car is before they start to rub
  4. You're bang on mate, you want hub-centric spacers though, they're a lot safer.
  5. These are the types of things you want: Info:
  6. You basically want to make sure that you buy hubcentric wheel spacers. Hubcentric are a plate inbetween the axle and alloy, for which you'll need extended wheel bolts. You can get wheel spacers that bolt into the axle, then you attach the wheel to the spacer, these are no where near as safe as a hubcentric type
  7. The 55w are brighter, I have the same kit you've linked to (55w) and they're great
  8. Loved the car to bits to be fair, 17 year old me thought it'd be a good idea to put a mahoosive exhaust on it as well . It was ridiculously loud. It's life didn't end well though :(
  9. This was my first car the Fiesta Style Summer :p mine had a grey dashboard though
  10. Now that is a thread revival!
  11. As above really, what kits are you using? I have a HIDs 4U kit @ 6000k and they're a really nice bright white with a blue hue. When you start going into the realms of 8000k you can kiss goodbye to vision in the rain and they look purple
  12. When fitting HIDs you tend to want the bar to be at the bottom of the headlight, it stops the nasty shadows that you can sometimes get
  13. The Heko's don't tend to scratch the window as the clips separate the window from the deflector, They're both as good as eachother at the end of the day though. Climairs are a little pricier if I remember rightly as well
  14.!lamin-x/c1sgh You buy it in rolls, then cut the shape out. Or they do kits for the whole car which are pre shaped. It's an American brand but this website is UK based and sell them.
  15. Use Lamin X, It's like a translucent vinyl wrap, plus it doesn't damage the lights like fly eye kits can. I've done it on my A3 with very good results, they come in all colours as well like blue, red, yellow, different darknesses of black: 50/50: After: