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  1. Happy Birthday MrTommyOnTour!

  2. hey guys. i was just wondering if i should Decat my mondeo? and if i would notice an increase in power output. my mondeo is standard 115bhp and i am just wondering the best things i could do to get more power out of it i have ordered a tuning box and wonder if a straight through exhaust system would be a good idea?
  3. Best Mods For A Tddi 115Bhp Mk3

    found the problem it was a bust pipe coming off the manifold onto the turbo
  4. Long Run Mpg Not A Tale Of Woe

    my 2litre tddi does about 550miles to the tank
  5. Hey I have been trying a while to find the best mods to make my mondeo a bit faster as at the minute it feels very slow and sluggish would anybody have an idea on why its become slow and anyways to make it faster. thank you.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums MrTommyOnTour :)