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  1. same problem looking for bodykits and alloys aswell as induction kits for a ford fiesta lx saphire 1998 i think is the year its a m reg
  2. have you tried a salvage or scrappy
  3. just tested it as ive been away and its seems to be nackered sorry
  4. whats your post code ill check
  5. the device must be fat format tracks must be mp3 mp2 aac either will do and must be unprotected so everyone using i tunes forget it you will have to burn them to a cd via i tunes and rip them with windows media player make sure the ripping options are mp3 and unprotected then drag and drop files to main directive on usb pen
  6. yeah thats the one and it works only took it out the car last week lol
  7. i have a ford sound 2000 tape radio from a fiesta lx 1995 its in my shed as i dont use it anymore
  8. were can i buy a bolt on induction for a fiesta
  9. were can i buy a bolt on induction for a fiesta
  10. for me its status quo queen guns `n` roses and metalica and as for volume full threw 900wats of amps and subs realy annoys boy racers lol
  11. it attaches to the electric areal wire that way it only activated when the head unit is on
  12. hey i am looking for an induction kit to fit a ford fiesta lx sapphire but i also was wondering if someone could post a picture with it fitted so i know i have fitted it right
  13. try torrents i think there are a few haynes on also try sites like isohunt hope this helps **note** if you use torrent sites you need a torrent manager to download the file
  14. used to get a simmerler nosie at 50 then tonicerd slite crack on windscreen seal fixed that then happy motoring
  15. dan a scrappy will be your best bet i have a 95 lx 1.3 and i get most my spares from auto salvage and scrappys