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  1. I really would go test drive that one with your mate, it settles those small little niggles in the back of your head. Even though it says a dealers, some are not that good at showing off their used cars, my sister was after a Titanium few weeks back and suffice to say, it pays to go see them once or even twice, because theres mint and then theres car salesman mint, and do a test drive like others have said already. Not just to see how big your smile can get, but on the other hand, IF you don't mind the suspension ride, it is firmer but you know what, i love my Vicky. The ST3 is the same trim as a Titanium X plus i went for the rear park sensors a full spare wheel and rear centre head rest. As long as the payments are not too much, and you love the colour you have chosen go look at it, check it, then get your mate to check it, then get said mate to go for a spirited drive, at least you can sit in the front passenger seat an feel the ride and steering, an if it all checks out, make a deal! If you're not sure, wait until you are better, there'll be others. Let us know how you get on.
  2. It's a real tuff one.. You have all the classic name of the Mustang, and with that in mind, and the options of the 2.3 Ecoboost or 5.0L V8, i am actually in the first boyhood thought, sold on the 5.0 V8, but the more i shopped and looked at the figures.. I actually started loosing favour for it, because ??? Well if you weigh up the tuning potential factor for the 2.3 Eco boost then yes, but that in a Mustang body does not make sense aRRRRhHHH!! I have already priced the Mustang to my taste, colour - spec - options, and honestly, I'm not sold on the interior, i am not liking the rear end too much, and looking at it, i think i would much prefer spend that money on an older classic with the 5.0L V8 and classic lines. OR save £2.5k and get the Focus RS, even with all the RS options i went through and picked the other day, an RS was a much better option then the Mustang. So for me, i'd get the Spec'd to F*** RS Focus.
  3. Just a quick addition if i may, when swapping out your seats, do not turn your ignition on during seat removal and when the airbag plug is disconnected. If you do it breaks the circuit and the airbag light on your clocks won't turn off after starting your engine. It will need resetting by diagnostic at a garage. People don't realise they need to move the car for some reason or another during, and thus turn ignition on!!! Sounds nice Stephen, i'm currently offering my ST3 Recaro seats in grey as a swap or to sell and buy some red ones too. Oh and the plugs for the heated seats 'should' be there.. It was cost effective to just make one loom for all, and only fit the optional bits when needed and turn them on in the cars brain if needed. My 2013 Zebec S previously, had the heated seat plugs, as i was going to change the seats to the heated leather ones from a Titanium X. ATB.
  4. Well I found out the total closure by accident.. but peeps weren't sure on the rest. But, result!!! :D
  5. HA... The light just came on saying "Check Tyre Pressures"... Don't you just love those little things you weren't too sure about... Then find out for sure later that make you smile!! Looks like ST3 does have same spec as Titanium X... :D :D :D
  6. Ha ha ha... Just saw this.. Perhaps dmizz93 when the weather changes for the better we could do a mini ST meet!!?
  7. What did you do???
  8. I like it... If you could have the interior colour choice on ALL paint colours, i would have gone for it.
  9. Not forgetting the wiring looms between them, and most importantly, the modules to enable it all to work.
  10. When my ST3 arrived i took out the rear seats, rear quarter panels, no the mesh grills do not come off separately, and took the front door cards off. What i did was buy the large roll of Dyno matt... Where the rear speakers sit i covered the outer car body behind the speaker in dyno matt and all over... Stuck the fibre padding (supplied) to the lower body, then i sealed the rear part of the car with hollow fibre wadding, so the large space where the speaker is was sealed off to the rest of the space towards the back of the car to act as an enclosure. I put a foam strip round the rear speakers and refitted it all. I then fitted dyno matt to the flimsy metal panel that the rear speaker bolts to, and in the surrounding areas, leaving enough for the front speakers. Then i removed the front door cards, sealed any holes from the inner black cover, and again fitted dyno matt behind the speaker position and over most of the door body. Since the speaker sits on the black plastic cover this is adequate for insulation to the speaker. Put it all back on and.... woooo! Increased bass, no tin sound where the bass hz is lost through the metal!! Since bass frequency is between 80-120hz it rattles the panels which absorb the sound which is what distortion is when it upsets the speaker. I can now hear the rear speakers far better, high range is crisp, but its the mid range and lower range that is vastly improved i think. My car now sounds A LOT better, ST 2 & 3 and Titanium's are fitted with the premium speakers with the Sony stereo pack, but the body is the same as any other fiesta. When i met up with a fellow ST owner, i tapped on the rear quarter panels of my car to their car. Theirs was hollow, tinny sounding, mine was dense, thick. So not allowing the sound to escape. Yes, get better speakers! And do not use the OEM Wires but then that means after market head unit, and then you start losing integrated features from the car and slipping down that route of complete ICE, so i left mine alone! Improve the insulation, its far cheaper for the benefits you get. Hope that helps.. :D
  11. I like it.. Use it as an arm rest, and good storage. I dont elbow it at all?? Got me think now, just another excuse to go sit in my ST3... :D :D :D
  12. Suspension is 15mm lower still, and it is all round a fair bit firmer then the ZS... Oh you're going to have an injury when you get yours having not road tested!!!!! From smiling too much, lol. :D :D :D :D
  13. They were Redline bulbs on ebay Smurphy.. Think you can go to Redline direct but i saw them in ebay first, pretty fast delivery too.. I'm going to get a full set once i sorted a faulty fog light unit, and one the previously used main beam H1 was broken.
  14. No worries, Gateway is ok, but like anything, make sure you dot the i's and cross the t's.. Sorry, but it does matter. I know someone who bought a car from Motorpoint, was assured after many calls to confirm where it came from and if it was registered here. Only to find out after the V5 arrived, it wasn't!! Yes it was a hire car, but being thrashed wasn't the point i was making here!? it was only used for 4 months and 1000 miles, and was in excellent condition, like new! But they had an awful time insuring it, checking it was UK spec etc, had a higher premium that wasn't a mere £50 higher, it was a lot more.! Indeed some ex hire and fleet cars are all motorway miles, and they are great cars. Just coming from personal experience and pointing out things most people might overlook. The v5 had none of the Co2 information and other info recorded on it, but what was annotated on the bottom front page that was a big pain, that's all i was highlighting. It affected the re sell too, so long term pointers!
  15. Explained well. I have person knowledge of his explanations having gone out for a blast with Tom when he had the mp215. We did get the chance to both be in the right frame of mind when a car up front pulled off the road. I have to say i was able to stay with Tom better than i thought, even Tom was surprised. I like the sound mine makes stock, any more might sound a bit too, boy racer ish, for me. Now i have had mine a couple weeks, been out with Tom read a few pointers. I must say as i said to Tom, the cost of the Mountune for what you get does not grab me! I'm in no hurry to upgrade, the margin gains are too small to warrant the £650 - £700 price tag. I can hear the 'hiss' with windows up, as i am not listening to any music at the mo... The rasp from the exhaust along with the hiss is too infectious... Big cheesy grin. Yes will always be interesting to here others views, like yours Phil when its done.