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  1. I really think ford need to bring out a new cosworth, I've been looking at the old escort cosworths , forgot how nice they were......
  2. Hi does anyone know if focus mk2 rs 19" alloys will fit on a mk2 st,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. Yea a lot of card tricks very cleaver ,,, I must keep watching ,,, there only as good if they keep doing new tricks, if he keeps doing the same tricks he might get boring!!
  4. Yea I can understand that!!!!!! But first time seeing him
  5. I must say I think dynamo is amazing don't know how he does it but ,,,,,,, he makes me believe in magic,,,,,, first class ,,,,,,, does anybody agree????????
  6. Hi people is there anybody on here from Newcastle upon Tyne giz a shout
  7. 32 & loving it everything is cheap
  8. In fact £430 from direct line at 21 does not seem that bad !!!!!!!! Keep me informed
  9. I remember the high insurance quotes I'm 32 now with 12 years no claims I have a focus st 225 on a 2006 & I pay £300 ,but I used to pay £1600 for a 1.0 nova in 2000 !!! They just take the !Removed! out of young drivers!!!!! But it does get better hang in there
  10. From the album pics

  11. From the album pics

  12. From the album pics

  13. The point is don't buy stuff when your !Removed!!!!!!!
  14. I just think it looks plain