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  1. Ello , not took no photos yet , will do when I can work how to put them on here !
  2. If any one has the same problem as me , just message me and I let ya know what ya have to do , can,t believe that ford have never come across this problem before ! Never mind I sorted it now !
  3. Going to have a look at the weekend , I asked them if I disconnect the battery would that reset them , he diden,t know ! He did say that the levellers was inside the wheel arch just at the side of the shock ! Il have to try and adjust them somehow , let you know if any good !
  4. Rang ford up ! They said that they had never come across that problem , told ya they are useless
  5. I fitted them myself , il ring them up , my local dealer is rubbish !!!!!!!
  6. Hi , glad I did , it's handling is fantastic , and looks so much better , lowering springs for the rs , direct from ford !
  7. My self leveling headlights are not working
  8. Iv just fitted lowering springs to my st3 , now my self leveling headlights don't go up , are the sensors on the front , behind the o/s wheel ? And on the back , are these for the lights ?
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Shooter287 :)