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  1. Had 2 new front tyres fitted to the Focus I opted for the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 this time round as unfortunately the Asymmetric 2 has now been discontinued and this is the new improved version. If it's a good as v.2 it'll be a !Removed! good tyre!
  2. Well the Focus has now hit 100k so I thought why not treat it to a Maintenance detail with an application of Swissvax Endurance for good measure. [font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]
  3. Yeah I can get more in my Mrs's MK6 Fiesta ZS and thats a 3 door...
  4. A friend of mine took some great pics of my Focus at its current state and his Dad's Focus as I bought mine 4 years ago. This is what my Focus looked like back in 2011 and what it looks like 4 years down line.
  5. not at all its filthy, not been washed for over 2 weeks now lol
  6. It's been a while and I fancied something different so gloss black roof and door mirror covers it is, opinions welcomed good or bad please?
  7. Happy Birthday wezzy_jess!

  8. Its a straight fir as the focus CC is the same as any other Focus from the A pillar forward. Different fog lamps are required yet top bonnet grill is same.
  9. Bodyshop sorted it all for me so no idea and the how to is just change the bumper :-)
  10. Indeed so rare I purchased brand new from Ford.....