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  1. Happy Birthday Jinkz!

  2. Am I Missing A Load Of Fuses?

    Ah ok makes sense, I did have one for the electric seats, and I don't have electric seats, so when my 20a one popped when a bit of metal fell into the 12v dc slot, I took it out and replaced it with that.
  3. Am I Missing A Load Of Fuses?

    Just curious as things like the fuel pump doesnt have a fuse and surely I have a fuel pump? Seems a bit sparse..
  4. Ok so I had a look at my fuse box and i'm pretty sure there are some missing, can anyone shed an light on it? I have a standard 1.6tdci 06 model climate pack. Any help greatly appreciated!
  5. I've not had a bump so I'm not sure?
  6. Had it forever and just wondered if its the same for eveyone, and could it cause any issues? Thanks
  7. I'll have a gander at the wiring, just harder now as it's dark when I get back in the evening. Yeah let me know theduke!
  8. Clears all of it but its like it doesnt get that hot any more.
  9. Normally i'll wack it on and it get's nice and warm and clears within about 15 mins. Recently I got in and put the front, back and A/C on all at once and I think it must have done something because now when I put just the rear one on, it'll clear literally just the lines in the window and no more, the rest will be frozen on a half hour trip! It's like it's now not working efficiently. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. Quick update, my local Ford dealership is sorting it out for £40, sounds cheap, but I know the guy so happy days :)
  11. Ha yeah :) I don't know where it's located but I've just picked up a Haynes manual online tonight. I was trying figure out which it was so I could get it sorted Saturday.
  12. I've got no documentation of it being changed in a long time, and sometimes the car gets... It feels like its being starved of fuel, not juddery but split second losses of power every now and again. So I thought for £40 odd might as well change it. Got a leaky injector at the moment too so thought I'd give it a minor service.
  13. Done a bit of research and looks like its the injector seal on injector 1. Picking up a set of seals tomorrow hopefully and I'll do them all along with a new fuel filter.
  14. Ah never mind , just checked the vin number it was made feb 06.. Solved, it's the bulky metal one.