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  1. Northants And Surrounding Areas, Show Your Faces!

    I'm in Great Oakley and picked up my 09 reg Focus Zetec S 2.0 from the car showroom this afternoon. Shame it's been raining all afternoon so I can't get any good pics
  2. Now picking it up today at 4 - counting down the hours!
  3. Thanks for the advice Lenny - will make sure I check it before I leave. Anything else I should be checking?
  4. Zetec S

    Have just bought an 09 plate black Zetec S 2.0 Petrol and am picking it up on Friday. Will let you know my thoughts then. I paid 8K with 35,000 miles on it, one owner, FSH and looks ike new. I have been looking for a car for the past 2 months after loosing my company car when I changed jobs and was waiting for something to jump out and say buy me. The Zetec S did this on Saturday! Anybody haxe any thoghts/advice on taking an extended warranty as the ford warranty runs out next month and the car only comes with an additional 3 month warranty
  5. Am picking up my black 09 reg Focus Zetec S 2.0 Petrol from Forest Gate Kettering on Friday. Friday can't come quickly enough!
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums coolpics :)