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  1. Do you's have your plates drilled on or stuck ?
  2. Thats them all ordered now, thanks for the pictures guys, how long does it take to change them roughly ? i've already seen the guide is it quite simple to do ? Cheers
  3. Thanks mate
  4. think its H7, low beam H1 full beam and 507 sides
  5. I'm going to go with the osram cool blue intense bulbs, but just need to work out what bulbs i need for my ford fiesta 12 plate style ?
  6. Thanks for that mate, sorry to sound stupid but is below all I need ? headlights and sidelights and that's it ?
  7. Sorry if already posted I couldn't find an old thread Just seeing if someone could give me a link I eBay or amazon of something with white/blue style bulbs for headlights for fiesta style mk7, would be better if the purchase was all the lights sidelights etc, I need to make sure they are legal is well and not to pricey thanks
  8. as above i have led daytime lights on my fiesta installed by ford, when i turn my headlights on the led's turn off, might sound stupid but is it possible to have them on all the time even when headlights are on ? There must be a way because i past another fiesta who had both on, i just cant work it out lol
  9. i put some white chip and scratch on it this morning and it actually looks really good, the only problem do you think the paint will come off when im washing my car/alloys ?
  10. this morning i kerbed one of my white alloys which im really annoyed about, its not that bad but it still annoys me and i can notice it lol, its not worth taking it in to pay for it to get fixed, its not that big so can anyone think of a product or something i can buy to make it look not as bad, my friend seems to think you can get a pen thing for white alloys and you basically paint the scathes off anyone help ?
  11. What does everyone put theres at ? like base, treble etc I was playing about with mine and i cant seem to get a good sound
  12. would autoglym custom wheel cleaner be ok to use on painted white wheels ?
  13. I got a new power washer and it has a wee tube to put into a bottle of car shampoo, im going to go to halfords in the next couple of days to buy some, can anyone recommend a good shampoo to get that is not too expensive ?
  14. I thought 5% is the darkest you can get ?
  15. got 5% tint on back 3 windows at the weekend, Does anyone else find it quite hard to see out the back window through your mirror ? (especially at night) Maybe it takes time to get used to? but form the outside the tints look really good, they set the car off :)