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  1. Gottcha, I've sent off for my more quotes this morning, and I still need to pop into another garage who I called to confirm the quote. I've just still gotta consider my other option of Part Exing it, arrghh aahaha
  2. Is this a hint to do it myself :D I assumed it was one of the more difficult tasks ahaha
  3. Righty ho, bit of an update: So I got quoted £980 at a garage, Now the car is worth roughly £2,500-£3,000 if it didn't have thie problem. I can't sell it privately as it stands as I doubt anyone would want to buy a car that needs a new clutch. If i do the work, I wouldn't want to keep the car too much longer, perhaps 4-6 Months. What sort of price would I get part ex?! I know that's a howlongisapeiceofstring question, but would I get a 'fair' price, or taken to the cleaners :/ Cheers!! (PS It's now sounding worse)
  4. Ah oh dear :/ I'll get a price tomorrow and see what to do next. Thanks again
  5. Thanks for the reply Nexus and Jord, It's been happening for a while, but just much more noticeable recently, what will happen if it's left, will it damage anything else? Can you guesstimate how many hours labour it would be at a garage? Thanks Lewis
  6. Ah I knew I hadn't put enough info in!! 1.8 TDCi 2008 120,000 on the clock
  7. I've attached a video which hopefully you can hear what I'm talking about. At 8 seconds is when I press down on the clutch pedal which is when the sound stops, and at 16 I let go of the pedal. Does anyone have any idea what would cause this :) Thank's
  8. All done! and it works haaha! Activated using:
  9. Great! Thanks!
  10. Lovely, that priming bulb you mention is the one posted above by STEADS right?
  11. Would that void the need to fill the filter with fuel first on the basis it would suck it through?
  12. Hi All! I'm giving my car a service in a week or so, and I'm just wondering what the thoughts are on changing the fuel filter? Necessary, or more hassle than it's it worth? I've read though the Hayes manual, threads on here and YouTube, and you have to prime it with fuel.... Do you guys just go to the pump and put a bit in a bottle for the filter?! (Along with some in the car due to the 2ltr min) Then how do you get it in the filter: something like this? Cheers Guys!
  13. Looking forward to doing this! I've been 'clean' for two years having not done anything to me focus! All the Airbag covers however are £60 on eBay :o Already got my wheel so it's just that part left, let the waiting game begin...
  14. When i first viewed the car the Head Unit was broken, and wouldn't not eject a CD, but that was fixed. Quite possibly these two could be related! Once the weather has improved i'll take it out and have a peek at the wires :)