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  1. P2127

    Last week they reset the fault and the gauge was ok for a couple of hours but then it started again
  2. P2127

    No, and now the fault is showing AGAIN
  3. P2127

    Hi Guys In need of HELP I have been getting a fault on my car Focus ST 06, engine system fault, accelerator reduced & the Turbo gauge wud not go over. 1/4.So I had it in a garage where they said P2127 fault came up on machine so they cleaned up throttle body etc...,so I have got it bk a few hrs ago but no sign of fault yet but Turbo will still not go over 1/4 still which it did b4. I did fit a new stereo 2 months ago , wonder if I've made a bad connection or bad earth somewhere ??? I could really do with some help b 4 I take it bk to the garage next week, my car is my pride. & joy !!! Oh somebody said it cud be the battery as it mainly does it when I start it to go to work in the morning then when I leave work, switch engine on & off & sometimes it goes off !!!
  4. Intercooler Pipes

    Guys !! Anyone got a picture of the intercooler pipes or where they located on a Focus ST 2006, as my Turbo gauge not going over 1/4, and when I switch my engine off I can hear a suction type noise coming from under the coil pack, not sure if that's effecting my Turbo as now again I get a message Engine Systems Failure , Accelerator Reduced only for a few seconds, then it's ok but gauge won't go over 1/4, need some help please
  5. Engine Systems Fault

    Hi guys, I keeping getting a message on my Focus ST 06, Engine Systems Fault , only now & again when the car has been parked all day or overnite, so I switch the engine off, turn it back on & a new message appears, Accelerator Reduced only for a few seconds, the car then runs normal, however my Turbo gauge only goes to a 1/4, the car still goes when I floor it, about a month ago I fitted a new stereo, I don't really know what is going on, but it's really starting to annoy me !!, can anyone help plz !!!!!
  6. Focus St Turbo Gauge

    My car hasn't been mapped, I don't have No hissing noises either, do you think the Boost solenoid will cure this problem , Is it easy to replace ??
  7. Focus St Turbo Gauge

    How do I overcome this issue ??
  8. Focus St Turbo Gauge

    Hi guys, My Turbo gauge will not go over 1/4, I'm sure before it would go to 3/4 or even 1/2. About a week ago after work I started my car and a message appeared, something like Engine system problem, Accelerator Reduced, so I switched the engine off, left it 5 mins & started it again and No probs since then, not sure that has anything to do with the Turbo gauge. I floored it a bit today, she does go but that gauge will not move over 1/4 , & I'm sure coz of this I could be losing that bit of power, I could be wrong, any advice will be appreciated. Read somewhere change the Boost Solenoid or something.
  9. Hi anybody know how to replace the reverse switch on a Ford Focus 2006 ST. Be appreciated any help wit pictures Thanks
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums legless051202 :)