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  1. Hi mate, Fitting a Tuning Box will give you the torque you need for more "drive" so you do not need to work the engine as hard and you will be able to use a higher gear because of this.. Why would you not want a remap? It is far better than a tuning box unless it is down to cost.. steve
  2. Hi Bazza, Remapping is the best way of getting more out of your engine than a tuning box. A remap alters all your ecu settings via new software written for your car. A Tuning Box the fuelling so is more limited to the changes it can make. With a reputable Remapping company you will also get a good warranty, our's is "lifetime", whereas with a tuningbox you will not get more than around 3 years. A remap on your Galaxy will give 30bhp/80nm torque which will transform the way it drives. You will find it easier for towing etc, and it will need less gearchanging so top gear will be used more as less effort is needed due to the increase in torque..:) And you should see a gain in fuelsaving..:)
  3. Hi as posted above, disconnecting your battery makes the ECU relearn it's values so you should normally see a difference, also worth doing if you change to shell v power etc..:)
  4. No prob mate, any decent exhaust centre will make it fit..:)
  5. Hi mate, been a long time since i did any work on older engines..:) if engine is running on for a few sec's after being turned off, then it's likely to be pre-ignition, usually down to carbon build up in cylinder head, needs taking off and de-coking as we used to call it.. Just a build up of carbon soot in head and intakes...
  6. Hi mate, ask where your buying it from if it will fit both, or if you buy it take it to your local exhaust shop and they will fit it if it needs altering slightly..:)
  7. Hi pete, did they run a diagnostic on it after recoding?
  8. Think you will find a good one, they do tend to be looked after.. Happy hunting mate.... :)
  9. Hi mate , you should have a label on cam cover with injector codes on, but as already said, make sure they go back in same order.. still may require recoding though..
  10. Hi John, Good car the 2.2, doesn't seem to have any more probs than any other model has... go for it!!!! then let me know when you want it remapping!!!! :)
  11. Hiya mate, Welcome...:)
  12. Hi mate, Nice choice of motor, love the early RS cars...welcome...:)
  13. welcome mate...:)
  14. Hiya s c is your's the 1.25 engine? if so, it can be remapped, so a cat back exhaust and a panel filter with a remap will give around 10bhp more...not loads of power but enough to liven it up quite a bit.. Bodywork your options are endless, it's a ford...:)
  15. Hi Dave, Have a diagnostic check done mate, hell of a lot cheaper and quicker than guessing....