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  1. Polish V Wax - What's The Difference?

    Sorry to be thick but what's claying?
  2. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    Have you turned the volume up? Seriously I first thought my bluetooth stream wasn't working but it was because the sound was low (even when set on 7 on the head unit). Going to do the update tomorrow - *fingers crossed*
  3. How Can You Tell The Mk Of Your Car?

  4. I've seen lots of people refering to Mk6, 7 and 8 but have no idea how you know which your car is? I have a 61 plate Fiesta - does anyone know what Mk it is?
  5. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    My 10 year old Pug 206 was getting 68 mpg and was very fuel effecitent. My 1.4 TDCI fiesta gets 57-58 mpg when I drive well. It's a noticeable difference but otherwise it's a good car. Why did you buy a diesel if you want to regularly go 90mph!
  6. Bluetooth Phonebook Issue

    Will I then need to input a code for the radio to work again?
  7. Bluetooth Phonebook Issue

    Just bought a nearly new 61 plate fiesta. I removed the previous owner's phone from the system and added mine but when I go to phonebook I seem to still have this other person's numbers as well as mine. Is there anyway to get rid of these? or reset the system?
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Jenni Lynn :)