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  1. Escort Fans!

    Hi Escort Fans! Find my hello post here: My Hello Post Hopefully I will be here alot. :) Cheers, Dean.
  2. Hi all!

    Hi Vinny. thanks for replying to my post. :) Im thinking about loosing the bonnet scoop, but I need the cold air as my engine gets really hot and the fan stays on for a good 5 minutes after a 10 minute driver. I might just get a brakers bonnet and give it to small scoops on either side, have not decided yet. As for the plate, thats next on my to do list! Thanks :) Also, for ICE im looking at buying 3 sets of these bad boys: (Hope I can post external URLS? Sorry if not!) I want the power and the bass, I have only got a Sony Xplod 1200 Watt Subwoofer ATM. Also, I want to replace my middle silencer with a cherry bomb but in stainless steel: Thanks again.
  3. Hi all!

    Hi everyone, I am 18 from south east london and own a 1994 L Reg Mark 5 Escort. It was originally green but is now dark blue with a Cosworth body kit, big rims, K&N Induction Kit and upgraded exhaust. I recenlty damaged the rear wheel arch passenger side, its minor giving me a few scratches but damaged my rim mostly. The front bumper repeatidly touches the floor/bumps making me have to fix it alot. Also, I have a bonnet scoop which has sunk! So I am looking for a replacement bonnet. I joined today looking for help on customizing my interior, ICE and Engine. I will upload some images soon, I know it sounds wrecked but its a beauty! Any usefull links, infromation etc would be appreciated. I have the manual. Thanks for reading! Dean. Since the picture it has had a rear twin blade spoiler and the damage to the wheel arch.