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  1. GMX. Absolutely creased watching those horn videos
  2. This is my luck with cars, I never get one that doesn't give me some issue. It is a Ford after all. I come to expect it. So I'm sat in my car, radio off, and cooling off. All I can hear and see is the headlight trying to adjust its self. I can hear it going up and down but as it tries to adjust the beam pattern all I hear is tick tock tick tock from the actuator. Forscan has presented the following result: (OK) [02:27:10.758] On Demand Self-Test has been started (WARN) [02:27:15.990] Test completed, found DTCs: B14DA:64, B1D65:87 ===DTC B14DA:64=== Code: B14DA - Right Headlamp Light Distribution Actuator Additional Fault Symptom: - Signal Plausibility Failure Module: Headlamp Control Module===END DTC B14DA:64=== ===DTC B1D65:87=== Code: B1D65 - Right Headlamp Swivelling Motor Circuit Additional Fault Symptom: - Missing Message Module: Headlamp Control Module===END DTC B1D65:87===
  3. Ah cool. Only the third warranty repair this year. My dealer, the workshop manager is pretty clued up on all that stuff. I'm also going to see if he can get this so called Sync 2 3.10 installed while I'm at it.
  4. I had this debate when choosing my car earlier this year. I went with the 1.5TDCi TitX in the end. Couldn't justify the extra cost for a bigger engine and looks vs economy and tax. Both the ST3 and Tit X will be very similar if not the same for features i.e City Stop, Moving Xenons etc.
  5. Evening All, My 2015 MK3.5 Tit X has decided that the drivers side headlight is going to start doing a dance as I drive along, and the dashboard is now telling me that its having a headlight malfunction. I have the full auto light package with the xenons. It is booked with Ford. Hopefully this is covered by the warranty! I'll get her hooked up to Forscan tomorrow and find out if that has much information to give. Anyone else had this issue? Cheers Andy
  6. True. Certainly if they are factory installed LEDs.
  7. There was never anything like a light sensor on the MK1/1.5. I think its just a blemish in the light on the camera or damage to the dashboard.
  8. You'd be correct. I think it was just a typo. The rear one will operate with the engine off. The front one won't and on an auto start stop car the car won't shut down with the front one on.
  9. Deleted.
  10. I'm wondering if mine is doing this occasionally. I'll hit the stop button, and then all of a sudden the dashboard is alive again and the engine hasn't fully stopped. I'll keep an eye on this now I've seen this topic.
  11. Was this meant for another post? This post doesn't mention LED?
  12. It's a 2012 which means it'll probably be the 8 valve version and not the notorious 16 valve version.
  13. What diagnostic machine has it been hooked up to? Forscan will show you a better overview.
  14. Also, when was the Eloys fluid last topped up on this car? It's a 2008 1.6 TDCi so this needs to be checked every service. They also need to be oil changed every 6000 miles too, and I'd also check the injector seals aren't leaking. I had this engine, and I had mine Terracleaned. Much better than what Halfrauds will offer you. Just bear in mind, if you have leaky injector seals or turbo seals that terracleaning your car will remove any carbon buildup that may be preventing them from failing altogether at a later date. Aside from that I'd recommend anyone gets this done if their DPF needs cleaning.
  15. Good luck doing this one. There are so many complex sensors on a MK2 engine and computers that control it I doubt you'll be able to achieve it I'm afraid. If it can be done i'll eat my shoe, but as cars get newer they require so much more than just some fuel and a spark!