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  1. Hi mate i am putting a us grille on my mk1 focus but as indicators , how did u get ur badge to flip and what did u use for fitting the bulbs and bolting top of grille onto slam panel can u e-mail me answers please on many thanks .

  2. Sony DSP/Amp ACM Centre Speaker Subwoofer Issue

    Its a strange one isn't it! And yeah, very lucky for it to happen, and I'm glad (shame the clutch issue won't rear its ugly head too!) I've just had an email back saying they want to replace the Sync module. So i'll let them do that and see what the result is. I'll take a note of before and after version numbers to see if there is a secret software fix that they've deployed with it! I'll PM you reference dealer info.
  3. Sony DSP/Amp ACM Centre Speaker Subwoofer Issue

    @alexp999 - This is very interesting. I've had Ford Technical now look at my car. They also had it go wrong when in their presence. They took away a load of information from my car and were going to take it to the development level as there were aspects they had no access to. I'm still waiting to hear back. However, I'm going to mention this to my dealer now because it is certainly looking to be a software fault. I've had the head unit replaced (mine's got the DSP built into it as opposed to seperate), the centre speaker, and the sub woofer have all been replaced so far. The next thing they were going to try potentially is the Sync module. Thank you for your update, I got a little excited to see that I am now not alone on this issue.
  4. Is there a sim card hiding in my car?

    Topic title: Is there a sim card hiding in my car?
  5. Is there a sim card hiding in my car?

    He wasn't asking about the SatNav SD card but rather if it had a data sim card for the traffic information.
  6. Is there a sim card hiding in my car?
  7. Is there a sim card hiding in my car?

    Traffic information is transmitted from Classic FM using TMC and on DAB using TPEG
  8. 57 reg focus 1.6 fuel addative tank

    The tank has no sensors in it so it is unaware of the level that is in there. Every time the fuel flap is opened it adds plus 1 to a counter and will inject a small amount into the fuel. When you reach a certain number it assumes the tank is empty. Could be that there is a pump for this and that has failed, but I'm more inclined to say that your level wasn't reset properly.
  9. The misting up issue is still an issue on the MK3.5 I might add! I tend to find running with AC on in the rain helps, and the air re-circulation in theory should reduce the moisture internally as its recycling the air.
  10. Adaptive headlight problem

    Sounds like a fault with the motor. You may find codes stored in the car using a OBD2 reader like Forscan. I know with 2015 when one of my motors failed it popped a code in the system.
  11. First Focus...

    I have the 1.5TDCi, and it is actually quicker than the 1.6 I believe as it has 120ps as opposed to 115ps. Both the 8v 1.6TDCi and the 1.5TDCi engines used in the MK3.5 Focus are solid units compared with the old 16v 1.6TDCi used in the MK2 and MK2.5. I paid £15k for my Titanium X last year with 13500 miles on the clock, and this was significantly cheaper than a lot of Titanium X's. I'm now on 45,000 miles.
  12. Focus 2012 constant chime issues

    Is this an automatic start stop car? Jump starting may have upset the intelligent charging system, and I would advise that you do not jump start again. Have you tried a new battery?
  13. power loss 1.6 tdci
  14. Entering a keyless car when it has a flat battery.

    What about on the MK3.5? We have different keys, still got the blade but there isn't the ignition cover I can remove either.
  15. Fitting Daytime lights

    Are you in Southampton @MjCarr? I'm assuming you must be fairly local to me as you're based in Hampshire and got a Saints logo for an avatar! If you can't figure it out, I might be able to find an hour or so to have a look and give you some guidance.