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  1. Rhystad please ask this question here: Sonic, it might be worth posting your original question in the right forum:
  2. Cars are more efficient than you'll believe. It might be straight but there might also be a bit of a down hill angle to it you can't see. If the surface is good with very little resistance than this will also contribute to higher figures.
  3. The MK2 pre-facelift Sony head units weren't DAB. This was introduced with the newer head units if I recall.
  4. For what car? Your profile says you don't own a Ford.
  5. No its not. The car only has the ignition on. Brammer_2k... This is exactly what I was having with my car too. You'd try and start it and it would either turn over and over and never start or start and then promptly shut down again and both gave me this exact message. It does log a code in the EMS but normal OBD readers probably won't pick it up I took mine back to Ford, and they performed a load of system updates and that seems to have cured it. So take it back to them and get them to perform updates to ALL modules in the car. As of today I currently have the newest firmware available on everything because if they miss an update to one module this can cause further issues.
  6. That was a persistent problem on the pre-facelift. I did also have this problem on the facelift version but this was due to the fact the screen was installed badly.
  7. Yup. Get that sucker off and give it a good clean!
  8. Other cars can also set them off I've found if they have similar systems fitted.
  9. The USB ports are limited to the USB2.0 specification of 500ma. The newer iPhones are probably going to require anywhere up to 1000ma before it will allow charging.
  10. Can you share these videos?
  11. And second of all here on UK roads, you must have auto leveling and washers for them to be completely road legal. This doesn't account for insurance related issues you may encounter as well as retrofitting these lights can void your policy if not fitted correctly.
  12. Anyone? Car is due back in on Thursday and I want to be armed with a plan.
  13. So as a few of you know, my car has been back to a ford dealer multiple times in the space of 12 months of owning it. The biggest issues I've been having are with the Sync 2 side of things, and more specifically the "AHU" and "ACM" or the head unit and control module for the speakers, and radio functions. First week of owning the car I discovered: DAB wasn't working properly. Would not find any channels when browsing, and when switching between DAB muliplexes (I.e National and local DAB transmitters) it would fail to tune to them until 30 minutes later. One day I got white noise on every feature of the system including voice control, usb and bluetooth. iPod connectivity was absolutely useless and froze the entire Sync system. So I applied the latest Sync update to 3.8 at the time. Didn't resolve any of these issues. Back to the dealer it went. Dealer applied a load of updates to the modules which took 7 hours to download, and gave it back. Nothing any different, DAB still not working properly, iPod still not working. Car went back to the dealer later that month to be flashed again with the threat of a possible APIM replacement as it took 12 hours to flash. This time it fixed the DAB issue, but not the iPod issue (by this time I gave up and got a memory stick) Few months later I get the white noise issue again. Further updates applied. 3 weeks ago the white noise issue came back. It went back in for further updates. The same weekend I got the car back, it suddenly sounded like its randomly panning to the right speakers, but actually as I discovered today using the bezel diagnostics actually my centre speaker and subwoofer have stopped working. Where do I stand with this now? Do I force them to replace every module in the hopes it will fix it? Do I get in contact with Ford directly?
  14. Can you try just a normal USB stick and see if you get the same result? I know the Sync systems and iPod's in my experience haven't really played nice with each other!
  15. Imo, I'd have looked for a car with them already fitted if buying second hand. The after market sensors you could get will be rubbish in comparison to what the 2015 focus could have had fitted.