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  1. The hub is the little black box that contains the usb port, sd card port and if you're lucky the rca inputs. Connected to the back of that is another usb type lead which is also used for software updates. Its a little bit like an OTG cable I guess.
  2. Ah, the joys of owning a MK3 Mondeo. I loved mine, and did that a few times in the year I owned it!
  3. He's got the dreaded DV6 16v PSA engine.
  4. You would need to buy the entire unit as that USB port is connected to a fly wire which they actually unplug to then connect to a computer to perform system updates.
  5. My understanding is that the MK3.5 is no different in that respect. The only thing I do know following my own issues is that the Sony system has a separate DSP and amp from the head unit apparently where as standard does not.
  6. And the replies you are receiving are trying to prevent you from sc-rewin-g (Why is that censored? Its not an expletive!?) up your engine and egr valve. If there is no engine management light or DTCs relating to the egr valve then just leave it alone. As people have already said several times, the MK3 valves appear to be reliable. Is your car running badly?
  7. I'd recommend you get this looked at pretty soon being a MK2 1.6TDCi injector leaks/turbo failures are common on these engines and could cause your engine to run away on its own oil if not seen to. I know, I had it happen to mine. Not a pretty sight.
  8. Have you not already replaced your head unit?
  9. Really helpful actually. However, if its as blocked as mine once was, the back pressure is going to be something insanely high and will need to have something to clean out the excess. Mine went through a terraclean and then he performed a static regen on the car keeping the revs at 2000 rpm for about 15/20 minutes with some magic stick on the steering wheel.
  10. Are you trying to be funny/sarcastic? My autism is interfering with my sarcasm radar today....
  11. Look for some of the Sony ones that would have came with the premium audio package. The difference from the stock speakers is amazing. I've got the premium audio system in my car and compared with the standard there is a massive difference in quality. You could buy an aftermarket part, but the chances are they'll be rated higher than your AHU/DSP module is able to output and therefore won't give you any loudness advantage,
  12. Yep, same over here. I have it on my focus, and it was also happening on the rental Focus I had while mine was being fixed.
  13. Removal of the DPF is illegal regardless. They will check it although difficult as they will can only do a visual inspection.
  14. Difficult one because its probably just the eloys fluid needs topping up and the figure resetting, then a terraclean to get rid of the blockage will do the job. But the chances are that when you go to get this done they will try and sell you a DPF in the process.
  15. Go to a Ford parts counter. They'll be your only option really.