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  1. Hmm.. So does this mean fitting an ST Spoiler does't require any drilling or glue on the body work? If this is an easy fit that is just a clip in mod, I'm tempted to do this myself!
  2. When did you last service it? Have the spark plugs been changed recently?
  3. Version information attached for you. I don't know whats relevant or different...
  4. No charge. All done under warranty!
  5. UK models do not have an RCA input as far as I am aware. Mine certainly doesn't, and there are no options in the software for it.
  6. start/stop

    If the car is showing the grey A on the dash, this indicates something is either using too much power for the system to kick in (I.e AC is running, heated windscreen is on) or the battery hasn't got enough charge in it or it just isn't holding charge properly.
  7. Have you got an android device available? iPhone supports reading but not sending.
  8. Have you tried a complete sync reboot? I.e pulled the fuse to the sync unit? Works a treat on Sync 2 when stuff goes wrong. If its still within warranty, certainly try Ford. I think there might even be a software update available for it anyway.
  9. You'd need more modules than you can think of to get these features to work, and the amount you would spend you'd have been better off paying for a higher spec car in the first place. I.e remote central locking will need a new central locking module, new keys to be programmed, and then the gem to be told to use it etc etc.
  10. Try deleting the pairing on the phone and car, reboot the phone and try pairing again.
  11. Sure thing, will be interesting to see! You can find out in the Sync diagnostic menu what version you have. If I remember to get access its a case of holding eject and next track buttons and you'll get a black and white menu appear.
  12. This would have been on the older MK1 Focus. Everything on the MK3.5 is done via the many computers hidden away inside the car, hence the recommendation of Forscan and one of their supported adapters. Its simply connecting it to software, and toggling a menu item, writing it back to the car.
  13. Car went in today. They've not replaced any physical parts this time, however they have said that is quite a significant update and version jump in the software for the audio control module and they are applying that to my car so I'll let you know if the problem comes back! Might be worth seeing if your local Ford will do this update for you.
  14. Car's been in today, the control board had failed and they've replaced the entire mirror. We'll see tomorrow if they charge me for it!
  15. Elmconfig doesnt work with the MK3.5 if I recall right. Focccus might, but I'm pretty sure that only works for the pre-facelift. You also need the right OBD wires connected to be able to access the other part of the CAN system if you have a cheapy OBD off of eBay. I recommend you use Forscan instead personally with one of their supported devices as there then won't be any soldering or fiddling needed!