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  1. Swap Xenon + Halogen Headlights to Bi-Xenon

    The other option for that halogen bulb on the MK3 is cornering lights, certainly on the Titanium X.
  2. Focus Titanium X

    Titanium X would be the level that has the HIDs (Bi Xenon)/Adaptive lighting/Cornering lights yes. It also comes with LED day running lights, and LED tail lights if you get the HID (Bi Xenon) On the MK3.5 the "Bi xenon" are actually all done with one bulb as opposed to xenon headlights, and halogen main beam as it is on the MK3.
  3. Ford focus sony 9 speaker sound system

    I believe the sub was an option when you ordered the car or might be only available on the Titanium X. I have the sub in my car.
  4. Sony DSP/Amp ACM Centre Speaker Subwoofer Issue

    Not been told that specifically no. I need to chase up my dealer in that respect actually! Makes me wonder if anyone else has had the issue, or if that is the result of me pushing for the last year to get my audio fixed!?
  5. About Novsight led headlights installed

    This is the Ford Focus forum! Look nice and bright, not so sure about the pattern they give though, but you're in the USA so I don't know what your rules are on beam patterns!
  6. Headlight bulb upgrade

    He'll need projectors with auto levelling and washers if he wishes to use either HID or LED in his headlights otherwise they are illegal and will likely void his insurance policy.
  7. Headlight Upgrade

    LEDs in the headlights are illegal and fall under the same classification as HID/Xenons and will require projectors, levelling and washers. Not only that, their lumin output will be questionable anyway. LEDs in the fog lights are also illegal technically but less of an issue compared with the headlights.

    I've never seen a glass mounted antenna for a factory DAB radio unless its been fitted aftermarket. If this guy has upgraded he will need to fit an antenna as the connector is a fakra and will not use the existing antenna loom as the already installed antenna will not be setup for DAB.
  9. Headlight Upgrade

    I had GE Sportlight's on my previous cars. They are about as white as you'll get. Unfortunately without getting a proper projector headlight setup with all the additional bits like washers and auto levelling you're never going to achieve that 6000k look. Even the illegal aftermarket kits are far too blue.

    Did you get an identical battery to the previous one? The car needs to have the right battery as there it is a smart charging circuit which relies on the correct chemical make up, and identical vitals like amps. Secondly was the smart charging reset after the battery was changed?
  11. Auto fold wing mirror failure.

    I had this problem with my drivers side mirror. It was a complete new wing mirror under warranty for me!
  12. Sony DSP/Amp ACM Centre Speaker Subwoofer Issue

    The white noise issue is global by the looks of it... 7 pages of aussies moaning...
  13. Sony DSP/Amp ACM Centre Speaker Subwoofer Issue

    It's a software bug, I'm convinced of that. But the question is, where? Is it the ACM? Sync? APIM? I'm also pretty convinced that since the update the quality has reduced and cross over programming is awful as I'm sure bass is being driven to the tweeters. But I can't remember if there is separate wiring for the door tweeters and bass. Also the rear speakers aren't as loud as the front.
  14. Sony DSP/Amp ACM Centre Speaker Subwoofer Issue

    @alexp999 - Bit of an update... had my Sync screen replaced and the problem remains and actually happened on the forecourt the moment I started the car. The guys in the workshop said they should have put a bet down lol!
  15. Grill swap

    @Luke-duke: I just replied on my own thread regarding this! Also in reply to your post "Hi mate i am putting a us grille on my mk1 focus but as indicators , how did u get ur badge to flip and what did u use for fitting the bulbs and bolting top of grille onto slam panel can u e-mail me answers please on * many thanks ." There are screw holes located in the right location for the grill bottom so you just need the grey ones similar to the headlights. Regarding the bulbs I actually got the guy to send me the bulb holders with it so I just wired the indicators and sidelights to the existing loom wires. The bulbs used were 27w/7w 3157 wedge bulbs which are common on most US cars.