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  1. Does the car drive? If yes, just clear them, and go for a drive. If it comes back there is a problem. You get all sorts of weird codes appearing from time to time for no reason.
  2. Thanks for that and bumping a very old post :)
  3. Engine Malfunction on a 1.6TDCi 16 valve... Been there and then lost my engine a few months later to a spectacular engine run away. Get it onto Forscan as that will pull all the information out that you need as these engines are so fragile if not looked after correctly.
  4. The answer is no sadly.
  5. Can you please start a new thread. This is completely irrelevant and can be answered in a new thread. Thank you.
  6. Check for any vacuum pipe leaks, and give the entire EGR valve a clean because where the gasses leave back into the air intake can get clogged up with a lot of carbon and stuff.
  7. Ask your dealer to check the system. I did it with mine as I suspected there had been warranty work on mine but there wasn't any log of it being an ex Ford employee car.
  8. Definitely worth getting them to do those. Just say to them, car is under warranty, can you please update all my cars modules. Due to the various issues with my radio all of my modules in my car are running the latest versions because they went ahead and did all of them anyway. Has made a massive difference, car is pulling like a train and goes like poo off a stick now there isn't any dead spots like with the older software.
  9. My best advice to you is do not even attempt to convert these to LED or Xenon as you will need projectors, headlight washers, and automatic levelling to be anywhere remotely legal, then there's trying to convince your insurance company they are safe. In most cases they will void your policy as they were not factory fitted.
  10. Well had it done. Involves the drivers side wheel coming off and quite a lengthy list of components including the cam belt. Unfortunately I never managed to get the back page off the job sheet.
  11. If both are set to the same temperature I'd expect them to be identical. Is there potentially two units that get gassed and maybe one still has a leak?
  12. Interesting. Seeing as mine is under warranty I might as well get them to fix it, if it is knackered.
  13. Agreed! I'll be getting mine done tomorrow along with my potential slave/dmf failure and a new head unit.
  14. I do love the little dribbles of information you can give us haha! This is good news then! Can we get access to the TSB through the etis system if we cough up the required access cost?
  15. I've got the premium sound system in my car with Sony speakers. Sounds great compared with previous cars. However, I do have issues since a software update on the head unit where I lose the sub and centre speaker. Hopefully a new head unit this week will solve it!