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  1. However, how many MOT stations have you known to fail an MOT due to a non-e marked component be it an LED or a lens?
  2. Gotta say the sedan looks awesome. Although I don't understand why ford chose to leave the silver bit in where us EU people would normally have an amber indicator. I think it would have looked better with a more full brake light!
  3. My 2008 1.6 TDCi certainly was not ceramic. I think 2009 was actually the year they changed them.
  4. Further update for those also having DAB issues. I had a call earlier this week from my local Ford service branch... "Hi, we've booked you in for Thursday as we want your car back to do some more things to it". Got it back today, after them having it over night and the result is a very positive one. After 7+ hours of trying to reflash the APIM and another module (which I've found out is running Java at the core) they've finally fixed my DAB problem it appears. Apparently there was new software released about a month ago, and Ford wanted the technician to give it a try on my car. Also the Microsoft side of the software seems to be a whole lot more responsive now this update has been applied too. So, if you find your DAB doesn't tune to stations properly i.e switch from one multiplex to another, or you browse for stations and it just sits there for half an hour go and hassle Ford and tell them about this APIM update. I'll feed back further after I've driven it for a few days.
  5. Pretty sure the Focus already has an amplifier built in to be honest. You've got a MK2.5 right? Why not retrofit DAB instead?
  6. For those of you struggling with the fuse/relay setup, I purchased a very clever device that I fitted to my old MK2 Mondeo. Check this out: It works on the high beams like what all new fords come with, vw etc. But they also do a dipped beam version too.
  7. This guide is excellent, thanks. However didn't fix my two problems with my DAB or my iPod! And it didn't give me AppLink which the americans have had since Sync 2 came out over there! Any ideas on when the next one is likely to be released?
  8. Do you have any links at all for said poly bushes? Also is this for the 1.5?
  9. I can say my 2015 Focus 1.5 TDCi 120ps was noticeably clunky through 1-3 yesterday, and I do often have a bit of a shudder going into third like I've pulled the clutch up too quick (probably my driving tbh). I've got 15,500 on the clock. It is still however smooth most of the time in all gears despite that noise (again I put it down to me and not the car).
  10. I've just been trying to figure Applink out myself. The Ford UK website states that Sync 2 does not support applink what so ever. Yet again, Ford Europe has shafted us. Found various documentation for US variants, and their Sync 2 certainly has it.
  11. Ford Focus MK3.5 Titanium X. Um so I found a new feature of my car... The central dash screen between the dials decided to crash when I went to the info section to view the "Driver alert" feature. When I say crashed, even the milage stopped going up. Managed to reset it though once I had stopped by locking the car completely! Anyone else experienced this or have I found another unique bug?
  12. What Focus model do you have, and what engine? Also good luck not having a DPF as you may fail your MOT for not having it seeing as it was fitted as standard in the factory.
  13. Update. Car went in today, and they had a look at it. Technician apparently had it hooked up to the computer and was seeing what looked pretty normal. When playing around, he couldn't get the problem to recreate that I'd specifically been seeing, but did notice when he switched to DAB 2 the entire system locked up. However when I went to pick it up I demonstrated the problem I was having and recreated it. Ford are aware of DAB specific issues, and claim they are working on a fix for this. But they haven't seen my specific problem. He's raised it to a higher level and he's awaiting a response from Ford. He also said about obtaining another module be it Sync or one of the other bits just to test out of curiosity more than anything I think. He also mentioned to me about software updates and how they're not allowed to do them on Sync 2 devices. We did however have a good discussion about accessing them from the international Ford sites, and that the UK is "coming soon".
  14. I did, and my assumption (all I can hear is my boss going "Assumption is the mother of all what?") was based on the issues I was already aware of with Sync 2 so applying a software update to the latest version in my mind should have fixed this. The only thing I can imagine being the issue if its not the Sync software is the DAB module's software or even the module its self being at fault. Car's going in tomorrow either way to get looked at, and I've also tweeted Ford about it (with a video of the problem) so I'm hoping they might have something to say about this issue too.
  15. Bumping this up as I'm going to the dealer and I'd like to get as many people suffering this problem to get involved so we can finally nail them for it and get the software updates we deserve to our units!