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  1. You cannot install HID/Xenon/Discharge bulbs into a halogen reflector. This is highly illegal. You need to purchase the proper Bi-Xenon headlights, which will also require a new bumper, washers in the bumper, and a new set of pipes and pump to make it road legal. If you want the "Xenon" look, I recommend GE Sportlight H7 and H1 bulbs. Lovely shade of white, and completely E marked and road legal halogen bulbs.
  2. Not if you want to get stung by the MOT tester or VOSA if they choose to pull you over one day and do a thorough inspection of your car.
  3. Looking good! Dunno what I'm more jealous of, the spoiler or the rear privacy glass!
  4. If it's a 2010, this shouldn't need a fluid top up as this was one of the change over period cars. The 2008/2009 cars had this but I'm pretty sure the 2010 upwards had the newer ceramic DPF and therefore no need to top fluids up and a longer lasting DPF.
  5. Interesting. I have an estate so this sounds rather cool. Any chance you can take some photos of the spoiler?
  6. Hmm.. So does this mean fitting an ST Spoiler does't require any drilling or glue on the body work? If this is an easy fit that is just a clip in mod, I'm tempted to do this myself!
  7. When did you last service it? Have the spark plugs been changed recently?
  8. Version information attached for you. I don't know whats relevant or different...
  9. No charge. All done under warranty!
  10. UK models do not have an RCA input as far as I am aware. Mine certainly doesn't, and there are no options in the software for it.
  11. start/stop

    If the car is showing the grey A on the dash, this indicates something is either using too much power for the system to kick in (I.e AC is running, heated windscreen is on) or the battery hasn't got enough charge in it or it just isn't holding charge properly.
  12. Have you got an android device available? iPhone supports reading but not sending.
  13. Have you tried a complete sync reboot? I.e pulled the fuse to the sync unit? Works a treat on Sync 2 when stuff goes wrong. If its still within warranty, certainly try Ford. I think there might even be a software update available for it anyway.