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  1. New Mk3.5 And Drl Law?

    Chris, you've pretty much taken the words right out of my mouth on this one as I was gonna say the same thing this morning. == I do not like the EU's specification on DRLs allowing the main beams to be used. Have you ever seen someone flash at you with them? I couldn't really tell if they were or not! In the US the majority of cars either use a separate bulb like we have on cars here, or use the headlights on reduced power instead leaving the flasher portion of the main beams to work as normal. Granted there is a few "world" model cars over there that use main beams i.e VW/BMW. The other thing with the EU law is they have to be bright enough to compete with the sun, again in the US they do not, and this actually leads to more stupidity from certainly UK road users as they seem to think their cars have auto lights and drive around at night/very low light/rain without turning their lights on at all, so you get blinded by them.
  2. Side Lights, Any Good Upgrade Bulbs Around?

    That's called the law. They're actually called marker lights and they are to mark the outline of the car (important if a headlamp bulb fails). Granted I prefer the US way of using marker lights, i.e the indicators with dual filament bulbs. Much clearer marking!
  3. New Mk3.5 And Drl Law?

    Are you sure? i've seen several of the new model now with no lights on at all. I'd expect to see at least the high beams illuminated but they aren't.
  4. New Mk3.5 And Drl Law?

    Um pardon my ignorance but... Did the new Focus that's just been released get type approved before the new laws came in or are Ford being lazy again and only installing them to higher spec models as they did with the MK3?
  5. Getting a report is what I can do, but as I say, due to the engine running away like it did there is a massive risk that it has caused further damaged and could and probably has masked what actually caused it to start running on its own oil in the first place. I think the turbo its self is still working and usable as the report didn't mention any broken parts, just carbon deposits and scoring. Nothing about any seals. So I'm suspecting that either the seal went in the turbo and it wasn't picked up or there is its the leaky injector seals. I can put the report up for you to see if you'd like because maybe I'm interpreting it wrong. Further to your replies Iantt, I've been contemplating replacing the engine, but I suspect it'll need a complete new more than just a new DPF. The catalytic converter is going to be toast due to the amount of junk that would have went through it. As regards a Petrol car... I have one... 2000 Ford Mondeo Estate 2.0 black top :D I would love to break it but it's currently parked on a private car park near my house, and I'm actually surprised they haven't removed it. It wouldn't be fair to the owner for me to take the P further.
  6. Whats Different About The Zetec S

    My dead Zetec MK2.5 estate has the option of sport, comfort etc on the dash.
  7. On a second re-read of the letter, they aren't saying it proves naff all. They've had the turbo report that says it's heavily carbonised. Admittedly I haven't had a full inspection of the engine. This was not carried out or even offered originally by the garage who took the car on (when I attempted to initiate the warranty that's actually a lemon). So I'm going to have to get the thing inspected as it MAY show the real cause of the problem, but I'm not confident that it will seeing as the thing ran away on its own oil which would have created more problems than the initial problem that caused it. Hahahaha!
  8. Well the verdict is in... Ombudsman are refusing to help as all of the evidence provided apparently isn't enough to conclude that the problem was inherent at point of sale. So my options are I guess: - Reject their findings, spend yet more money on the piece of rusting crap to get the engine stripped down to basically prove that its seized, to then be told that it still doesn't prove the problem wasn't inherent when clearly a TSB was issued, a full break down of why and what happens including pictures by APi, and many many pieces of anecdotal evidence describing the exact symptoms and results as I have had in my book is evidence enough. - Buy a new engine, exhaust system, and every other bit that needs replacing since being sat around and then try and sell the thing/keep it to get the same problems a couple of years down the line. - Sell it as it is and try and make as much money as I can to put towards paying what remains of the finance and take it on the chin. I'm devastated as I would have paid over £11,000 in finance by the end of this year, plus however many more £1000s in repairs to try and keep it running prior to the failure. £11,000 I could have spent elsewhere in reality.
  9. Here's part of the TSB. Can't post the rest for obvious copyright reasons.
  10. Almost 3 years ago now. Its been sat dormant since May. Section 75 will apply for the entire duration of the agreement from what I've been told, and even after that the Sales Of Goods Act will protect me apparently.
  11. Well I've submitted a load of stuff to them as they requested :) As regards evidence that the problem was inherent at time of purchase, after talking with a friend in the know he is pretty sure that the technical service bulletin that was reissued 5 months after I got the car is evidence enough. Not only that, the number of posts regarding these engines and turbo failures is phenomenal. There was also a presentation done by APi that demonstrates how, and why it happens, and that just replacing the turbo will not fix it (they're part of the "HDi family"). What ever the outcome, if it gets fixed or not I've been absolutely mugged off by the dealer, and warranty company, and i'm selling it one way or another.
  12. Following the complete failure of my engine due to it running away in May due to what I presume was a complete failure of the turbo (i've read injector problems could also cause this???) I've tried to wrestle with my warranty company for them to fix it, to no avail. As the car is on finance I'm trying to initiate a section 75/75a/sales of goods act case against the finance company and the dealer. They have asked for evidence that the problem was inherent at time of purchase. Googling a lot, the problem on these engines for the MK2 and MK2 facelift seems to be endless, and there has been a few places I've read that say that a Technical Service Bulletin was issued for this problem. I am now trying to source this so I can attach this with my other bits to initiate this case. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? Cheers Andy
  13. Break It Or Fix It?

    And to add to the bottom of this list: Hired car has to go back - Had to buy a car - Got a W Reg Mondeo MK2 2.0L Petrol for £500Mondeo needs a new clutch - £400Now needs a bearing and rear brake discs and pads - £150ish
  14. Break It Or Fix It?

    Sadly not :( If it was hire purchase, I wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. They would have gone absolutely nuts! Yeah exactly. And I can use some of the cash to fix up my W reg Mondeo instead!
  15. Break It Or Fix It?

    I don't want the car any more. Its been a curse. EGR Valve failure 12 months after I get it. - £600Less than 24 hours after getting the car back (after not having it for 2 weeks due to EGR valve) a deer runs right out in front of me resulting in a new bumper, headlights and windscreen. £400 excessHalf the heated windscreen fails to work due to bad installation, new windscreen fittedDPF becomes blocked even though I do long journeys to London and back every week - So I get it Terracleaned - £200New windscreen gets a stone chip, and then gets repaired.New windscreen repair cracksTurbo seal goes, engine runs away just before I move house - £££New windscreen never gets replaced again due to turbo failure.Warranty company fail to pay out - resulting in £200 of car hire and towing fees.So yeah, I want to either fix it and get rid or break it and scrap it now.