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  1. Holding it near the ignition barrel isn't going to work as the receiver is in the central arm rest. Sounds like the battery has failed in the fob.
  2. You'd probably need a new loom to accommodate the DRLs as the car's central computer will need to be configured to tell it you have LED running lights. Normally when running lights are installed, you have the LED rear lights to go with them.
  3. Bit of an update... Customer relations seem to be taking this somewhat seriously. They want to talk with the dealer I'm using to get all the facts.
  4. This is good news. I'd love to know where my white noise issue was being caused now. I'm in high suspicion the DSP is the root cause of everything sound related.
  5. My MK3.5 titanium X doesn't tell me which tyre is deflated. It just warns me I need to go air up!
  6. They've opened a case for me, whether it will be of any use I don't know yet. Might have also put the dealer's back up a bit by doing this as well though. I've had the AHU bit replaced which I believe is the bit with the CD drive in it. They also tried a rollback to the previous software but this didn't cure it, although it does make me wonder if they rolled back the DSP unit if that is also upgradeable? The dealer now wants the car back for 3 days as they want to try and recreate the problem of which I've already shown them in action by video of the AHU tests with it working and not working. Plus it happened the moment I started the car on the forecourt one after one of the previous attempts to fix it failed. Thank you. The dealer's electrical technician seems to think that with the Sony unit they've now built it into the AHU/CD unit like with the standard system but I'm reading otherwise! Might have to have a ganders without disturbing too much.
  7. I have the premium Sony sound system with the 10 speakers in my car. I keep losing the centre and sub woofer randomly when driving and it won't return until the car is powered down for a while. The head unit has been replaced, and this still hasn't fixed it. Curiously this started happen after a software to try and fix other issues with the previous head unit. Does anyone know if there is still a separate dsp/amp in the MK3.5 or is it now contained in the head unit its self? I am going to call Ford directly and see what they have to say about the matter as my dealer is running out of things to try and things to replace!
  8. Slight issue though. The port is moulded into the plastic so that it marries with the trim that sits on top.
  9. This was for the 1.5 diesel yes.
  10. The hub is the little black box that contains the usb port, sd card port and if you're lucky the rca inputs. Connected to the back of that is another usb type lead which is also used for software updates. Its a little bit like an OTG cable I guess.
  11. Ah, the joys of owning a MK3 Mondeo. I loved mine, and did that a few times in the year I owned it!
  12. He's got the dreaded DV6 16v PSA engine.
  13. You would need to buy the entire unit as that USB port is connected to a fly wire which they actually unplug to then connect to a computer to perform system updates.
  14. My understanding is that the MK3.5 is no different in that respect. The only thing I do know following my own issues is that the Sony system has a separate DSP and amp from the head unit apparently where as standard does not.
  15. And the replies you are receiving are trying to prevent you from sc-rewin-g (Why is that censored? Its not an expletive!?) up your engine and egr valve. If there is no engine management light or DTCs relating to the egr valve then just leave it alone. As people have already said several times, the MK3 valves appear to be reliable. Is your car running badly?