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  1. Which engine size and what year do you have?
  2. You are very welcome :) The car its self is a lovely car and I was devastated when mine went pop. Partly my own fault and lack of knowledge in all honesty, which is why I try and pass on what I have learned from other people here.
  3. I would like to tell you which software you'd need to use, and how to do it but I fear that you'll only go and break your car and come back on here squealing like a child because you did so and blame us for your incompetence. Secondly I'm sure your company wouldn't appreciate you peeing around in the ECU and other associated modules. If you really don't like the feature, hand your car back to the company and get a different one.
  4. 2010 should be a Euro 5 and therefore shouldn't/won't have eloys fluid. Correct. The 1.6TDCi engine is used in both MK2 and Facelift MK2.5 and they need to be nurtured like a small child. Must be serviced on time evey time Oil changes every 6000 miles recommended Check injector seals for leaks Those are the bits I learned from losing my 1.6TDCi engine at 88,000 miles.
  5. The reg plate light is an LED and cannot be replaced.
  6. I work in IT too :) Sync 2 its self can be updated with a USB stick to the latest Sync 2 but Sync 3 runs on a completely different OS. Sync 2 is Windows Mobile 6.5, Sync 3 is Blackberry's QNX.
  7. Which will also result in it coming back to your MOT station because they passed it and they could loose their ability to perform MOTs. Not a smart idea all round.
  8. That's just an insult to offer that. God lord the manager who would have dealt with me would be in therapy for the next 5 years.
  9. To be honest, Sync 2 isn't all that bad provided you get the latest update installed on it. I'm happy with mine now its on the latest. Yes it's not the most snappy system in the world but it isn't as slow as it was when I first got the car 6 months ago.
  10. Get one from a scrappers. Give it a good clean with carb cleaner and stick it on the car or take your exisiting one off and give that a good clean. It's a messy job but I've done it a couple of times with excellent results.
  11. Yeah... at 88K mine had the injector seal failure and the engine ran way, along with constant DPF issues even with a filled eloys tank.
  12. One piece of advice to add from a macOS user... Make sure you delete off the hidden .filename.mp3 (full stop on the front) files if you do it from a Mac because it will confuse the head unit. My Sync 2 system has kittens if I don't do it.
  13. I'll give this a test tomorrow and let the car run for 5 minutes then as I expect after todays poor attempt at snow, there will be some ice. I'm pretty convinced it isn't working though. Hello Ford warranty again if so.
  14. 100%. The 1.6tdci in the MK2 needs to be looked after like a small child anyway (6000 mile oil changes, check injector seals), but to buy it with these issues and not be told about them. Get it back to them, and let us know what happens. How many miles has it done? I'm wondering if that O2 sensor is in the DPF. Could be a simple replacement of the sensor but it could also mean a new DPF. Edit: the DPF error is a discrepancy in readings between two or more sensors in the DPF so they could well be related to each other.
  15. Might also be worth pulling the EGR off and giving it a good clean if you can on these engines? Its a messy job mind. Did my old Mondeo MK3's a couple of times.