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  1. 1. There is no MK4 Focus yet. 2. Give the forum a search, if you've got Sync 2 this can be done easily.
  2. Fitting LED headlight bulbs to your car in reflectors is illegal. Fitting them in projectors is illegal without auto leveling and washers. Good luck telling your insurance company you retrofit LEDs because they will probably void your insurance due the light output not being anything near that of a factory fit LED headlight.
  3. Genuine DRL headlights are a feature of the Titanium X models on both the MK3 and MK3.5 neither of which have a space for a sidelight (parking light) bulb. Nor do either have a "dim dip" as this is using a different lighting convention altogether. Dim dip was a feature present on old cars from the 80s/90s that allowed night time driving in street lit areas without full dipped beam. It used the dipped beam at half power. The aftermarket Noldens won't need a change in the central car configuration as they aren't genuine Ford or have an LED control module the car would normally worry about like it would with the genuine LED DRLs.
  4. The online manual for 2015 onwards says... F67 7.5A SYNC module. Global positioning system module. Information and entertainment display.
  5. This doesn't disable it permanently. It will come back on when the doors are opened, or car is restarted.
  6. Sounds like you're reading the wrong manual! I had to use the manual to find mine! Can't remember off the top of my head, but I'll have a look tonight when I get home!
  7. Which will also disable his Sidelights in the DRLs, and the DRLs when the sidelights are off. I don't think the wiring is in there for conventional bulbs, and looking at the DRL version that hole isn't there.
  8. That's better. Certainly pointing very high originally, but then some SUV's are aimed that high. Very irritating!
  9. Have you taken the door card off to look inside to see if something has come loose?
  10. The fuse is in the fusebox in the passenger footwell. I've had to pull mine before due to an issue. If in doubt, take the battery off instead for 30 seconds and reconnect it. That will ensure the unit shuts down.
  11. If you have LED running lights fitted to your car, these are your sidelights too. They will dim to 50% when switched to the sidelight position. They aren't "deleted". There is an option in the central car configuration which can be toggled if you were to switch back to standard headlights without DRLs and visa versa for retro fitting headlights with DRLs.
  12. BP Ultimate is actually the best you can put in. Shell causes frequent DPF regens I've found.
  13. Firstly, buying any HID upgrade kit and fitting it to your halogen reflectors is 100% illegal. You need to have proper projection headlights designed for HID bulbs, i.e the ones that get fitted to cars from factory. Secondly if you're going to install HID's in a projector, you need automatic levelling and washers. Then you've got to deal with all the associated insurance and MOT issues relating to installing them as well as effectively because they aren't factory installed they count as a modification, and insurance companies/vosa/mot people/police don't like HID conversions. I recommend you get a decent set of H7 halogen bulbs like Osram Sportlight or Nightbreakers.
  14. I had this problem too. Was a new light unit for me also. Regarding the height, I had this with my new one and I solved it myself with a screw driver. There is a white turn screw like on a halogen unit that is accessible without removing the light. The best way I found to align them is to drive around with them in auto/adaptive mode until you find a flat surface and a flat wall, and the beams should go flat. You can now align them as the flat beam on both lights should be identical heights.
  15. Can you elaborate further? What year Focus ST do you have?