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  1. Sounds incredible. But will it ever make it here in the UK? Are Ford UK even selling the old model?
  2. In the UK, more than one set of side lights isn't illegal as far as I am aware. I used to run white sides with with dual filament bulbs in the indicators (american style parking/marker lights) and there were no issues with police or MOT. From what I was told by the MOT station they are considered as additional lights because didn't interfere with the operation of the indicators, and therefore they were not tested and ignored. As long as you have the compulsory factory fitted lights, as long as you're not imitating an emergency vehicle they are normally OK. If someone crashed into me because they are too thick to not look at a light long enough to see that it's not flashing and that it was static and dim then that would have been my problem and I would have accepted my fate on that. In theory if you connect the correct wires to the right places, it shouldn't matter if you have auto lights as you'll be getting the power from the right lines i.e the 12v coming in on the sidelight loom to switch the DLRs down to 50%.
  3. Firstly, please don't write in all caps and italics! All Xenon lights have got to automatically level because the law says so. This is to prevent blinding people, however, the lights that this guy are on about have gone into a fail safe state at their lowest position.
  4. I live in Southampton too! Did find them quite an obnoxious place to deal with to be honest. The only thing you can do is report it to the police, and hope there is CCTV otherwise you'll just have to take it on the chin because proving beyond reasonable doubt that someone stole it will be difficult.
  5. In reference to your reply about going for a 2.0 vs a 1.6. Based on my experience, if I had a second chance I'd have gone for the 2.0 myself. Mine had the injector seal problem, and not knowing about the 6000 mile oil change recommendation either at the time, the engine eventually became a seized block of metal due to the seal blowing and causing the engine to run on its own oil. However, if you're only planning on doing 6000 miles per year, in my opinion a diesel isn't for you. I've had my 2015 1.5 TDCi barely two months and she's done 4000 miles, two days of the week of which I do about 200 miles on the motorway I would say being your first car, I wouldn't go for a Focus until you're used to driving, but I'd be slightly hypocritical as I had a petrol MK6 Escort for my first car. If you want a Focus, I'd be more inclined to go Petrol.
  6. Please post a new topic in the appropriate Ford Fiesta forum. You're hijacking a thread, and this is the Ford Focus forum :)
  7. Be aware with the 1.6tdci. They have a lot of turbo issues and injector seal issues, as well as issues with the DPF if you've got a Euro 4 engine. You just have to Google it to see the number of complaints! They need regular oil changes at 6000 miles a piece to prolong the life as best you can.
  8. I've had the windscreen replaced on my MK3.5 as a nice stone decided to fly up and penetrate the entire screen. My car has rain sensors, light sensors, traffic sign reading, lane keeping, and active city stop. Autoglass have advised that I get the "safety camera" recalibrated, although because the screen has locating pins it should have gone back in exactly the same position as the first one. Will Ford be able to do this? Can I do this my self?
  9. This was true for the old 6000CD. Not so sure on these ones though. Have you spoken for Ford? They should be able to generate a code.
  10. The two P buttons have two different functions. One turns the parking sensors on and off, the other does the parallel/perpendicular parking. If its saying left or right only, try holding the button down to clear it. If I recall I had mine stuck in self-park for a while every time I started and reversed the car and that cleared and reset it for me.
  11. Check your fuse! Do your reverse lights work?
  12. Sounds like you're burning oil to me. Being a 1.6 TDCi on a MK2 this could be injector seals or turbo related.
  13. My first car, Ford Escort LX, GCZ 3812. (I wish I had transferred that plate to every car i've owned since! But it needed an MOT to do it!) Second, Ford Focus Estate MK1.5, OE02 KKL. Third, Ford Focus Estate MK2.5 Zetec, EX08 ZWE Fourth, Ford Mondeo Estate MK2 GLX, W196 XNO Fifth, Ford Mondeo Estate MK3 Ghia X, EA52 FNH I'm only 26, and I guess I'm a Ford Fan!
  14. FYI wrong forum. This is the Focus forum :)