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  1. All cars in the UK with Xenon/LED bulbs must have automatic levelling and washers.
  2. And you've just bumped this VERY OLD post from 2014 just to say that?
  3. You need the upgraded Bluetooth module and Sony head unit if you want to be able to keep it stock otherwise its a new head unit and adaptors and removal of the existing Bluetooth unit, voice control and will need a stalk adaptor.
  4. There was a 1.6 petrol in the 2002 Focus, but not a 1.6 diesel. See:
  5. LED headlight bulbs are illegal to fit full stop unless from the factory. You need automatic levelling, and washers as you would with HID bulbs. Plus the light output from an aftermarket bulb is not going to be the same as a factory fitted one this includes both pattern and lumens. Plus good luck getting your insurance company to insure your car after fitting such kits. Most of them will not allow it. See below, applies to LED too.
  6. Interior LEDs not an issue. Dump as many of those old bulb suckers as you can. Number plates are alright to do. Other lights like side lights should be ok, but make sure your brake lights, and indicators are decent ones because they need to be bright, and if they fail that could be the line between someone stopping in time and hitting you.
  7. Well if you've got halogens at the moment, converting them to LED or HID without the appropriate projectors, automatic levelling and washers is illegal. Secondly good luck getting your insurance company to insure your car. There are plenty of threads about on this forum regarding the legalities of doing this, and the effect you'll have on other road users by doing so.
  8. Surprise surprise! Guess what!? It's still flaming broken!!
  9. I will be most intrigued to see how your warranty out come is. I purchased an extended warranty for mine, and the wrote the whole claim off in an instant due to there being carbon build up on the turbo thanks to a small little clause in the terms and conditions. I fought for a year to try and get them to over turn this to no avail. So good luck!
  10. Sounds like the motor has packed up! Off to the scrappers for a new motor!
  11. One would like to think the base software code is similar at least. Didn't realise that a TSB was issued for sound quality. No mention of that by the dealer at all! Got my car back this afternoon, so far no issues but my optimism still hangs on a thread! I'll be gobsmacked if the whole issue was being caused by a faulty centre speaker which appeared to be working just fine when all speakers were working. Fingers crossed you don't end up going through the same issues as I have!
  12. Do you mean like this? I videoed it when I had it happen to me. So you can show them this if you want. Will be interesting to see if when they update your AHU it gooses it too.
  13. It was early morning . Yeah I meant to say was I'm hoping someone else might get this issue one day, and hopefully find this thread as a solution/knowledge base to get theirs fixed!
  14. Following up on my call with the dealer, mine is of the type with the amp built into the head unit rather than a separate system. However interestingly I think Ford Technical are clutching at straws with this issue, and I don't think they want to admit there is a fundamental issue with their software as I'm pretty convinced this is where the issue lies as this was never a problem until the latest update to try and fix the white noise issue. The next fix we're going to try after replacing the sub woofer, and head unit as well as software is now the centre speaker as they think there could be an issue with that causing the amplifier to go into some fail safe/over voltage/head protection mode. What ever the cause is, its temporarily fixed by a power down of sorts until the next time it decides to happen. P.s It's probably a pointless thread but I'm trying to document this as I'm hoping someone else might get this issue one day!