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  1. Can you elaborate further? What year Focus ST do you have?
  2. Pretty sure the 2014-present has it mounted with the rain sensor. I'll need to check it out next time its not raining, but that's what a quick search of ebay and these forums turns up.
  3. The height of the lights can be adjusted with a cross head screw driver. On the front of the light there is an accessible white turn screw which does the height. Make sure you do this on a level surface against a wall so you can see the cut offs/flat beam so you can get them 100% level. I had a new unit fitted to mine, and it was set too low so I had to adjust it to the existing light. If in doubt find a garage that does light alignment.
  4. Sounds like a software issue to me. If the battery charge level drops too much in Auto start stop mode it'll restart the engine on its own. It should start when you depress the clutch regardless of putting it in gear and if you open a door or what ever it then will tell you that you have to manually restart the engine.
  5. First I've heard or seen of this problem, and certainly there are very very few reports of any problems with the 1.5TDCi at present. One of the reasons I got my 1.5TDCi. I cannot believe the engine has had three belts snap already because if a timing belt snaps, that's it. New engine time!
  6. Have you actually turned on the feature within the settings? This maybe why its displaying the message. If you have, then get it back to Ford. Muchofastico: Then they need to replace the system, there is a fault with the modules. I'd also take it to another Ford dealer if I was you.
  7. The lamp on the gear stick shouldn't be coming on if there is load or not enough charge, this is shown on the dashboard with a grey A symbol when such criteria is met. If the A is lighting up on the gear stick and won't go off when pressed, and the system is telling you "Service Now", this indicates a fault with the system. Get it back to Ford ASAP as you still have warranty. There will be a fault code logged in the system for that.
  8. I would check in the bluetooth settings on the phone, and make sure all the media things are turned on, then I would manually clear the pairing on the unit and the phone and try again. Problem is with the phone not sending the tags, and not Sync.
  9. Is that not the cat? Secondly you'd be making your car illegal as it would be louder than the factory specification. Edit: Oh and you'll void your exhaust warranty :)
  10. Create a new topic, don't bump a 5 year old one!
  11. A tip's not going to do squat no. It's the back boxes that create the resonance and noise.
  12. +1 You've got knowledge to share, you'll never want to leave this place knowing someone else will appreciate that.
  13. Depends on what system you have. In mine out of the factory I have a 10 speaker system one of those being a sub mounted in the centre of the spare wheel. Makes difference to the overall sound when adjusted i.e bass set at +3, but I'm not sure what the crossover frequency is tuned to as that can't be adjusted.
  14. If you don't tighten the screw up enough it might rattle? Is that the sound you were expecting?
  15. Much better! So want that orange paint on my estate!