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  1. Also, when was the Eloys fluid last topped up on this car? It's a 2008 1.6 TDCi so this needs to be checked every service. They also need to be oil changed every 6000 miles too, and I'd also check the injector seals aren't leaking. I had this engine, and I had mine Terracleaned. Much better than what Halfrauds will offer you. Just bear in mind, if you have leaky injector seals or turbo seals that terracleaning your car will remove any carbon buildup that may be preventing them from failing altogether at a later date. Aside from that I'd recommend anyone gets this done if their DPF needs cleaning.
  2. Good luck doing this one. There are so many complex sensors on a MK2 engine and computers that control it I doubt you'll be able to achieve it I'm afraid. If it can be done i'll eat my shoe, but as cars get newer they require so much more than just some fuel and a spark!
  3. Your car has a DPF with eloys fluid. When was this last topped up?
  4. Two lessons learned here. One, don't enable stuff that isn't on your car. Two RTFM before you even attempt to do anything. There is a possible solution, and that is to get a copy of your ASBUILT data and restore that back to the car using Forscan.
  5. Please see this thread. Might be helpful to you. I'll also add, your car at present will not be road legal with them fitted and you'll likely invalidate your insurance.
  6. I was going to ask if anyone had heard anything about a new update. Now I have the answer :) I have just checked Ford Australia and at present there isn't a new update there. Still tells me my car is up to date!
  7. Hmm fair enough. All of my diesels have warmed up faster than my petrols. All Ford I might add. My current Focus kicks out heat within 5 minutes.
  8. I find it actually not too bad considering. When it gets covered in road crap its not so great but even in the dark with standard bulbs its still a real asset.
  9. It can be done but you'll have fun pulling up the carpets and the likes. You'll also need to tell the car modules that you've added the camera which you can do with Forscan/Focccus and an OBD2 adapter that can communicate with the CANBUS. Pricing wise I couldn't guess, but I'd say unless you can find all the needed parts on eBay you'll be paying Ford prices.
  10. The differences between the MK1 and MK1.5 facelift I believe were purely cosmetic. The MK2 however is completely different beast altogether.
  11. Petrol engines do take significantly longer to warm vs a diesel engine. I had a rental Citeron C3 that was the same until about 30 minutes into the journey.
  12. Autoglass should have done it for you. They will take the car for a drive while it recalibrates. Had it done on my MK3.5 recently
  13. I did get it recalibrated, 4 weeks later with another windscreen. Autoglass have the equipment now to perform such a calibration, and any Ford dealer should be able to do this too. Might be worth giving Autoglass a shout and see if they can do it.
  14. I should think the camera is connected to that somewhere because the camera is just that, a camera. It needs to be processed elsewhere.
  15. Thanks! Interesting to know.