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  1. USB audio problem

    Have you got a manual for your car? It's listed there. I can't remember off the top of my head which to pull. I know on mine I think its something like 62 or something.
  2. Mk2 headlight bulbs

    I'm surprised you didn't get a fail or pulled for your HIDs in reflectors tbh. They spray light out like no ones business and blind people. I absolutely hate people who install these bulbs without conforming to the specification required to have these bulbs in the first place.
  3. USB audio problem

    Or pulling the fuse and giving it a reboot.
  4. Focus ST Line X 140

    I don't get the listing anymore like I used to. Have Ford changed this?
  5. Focus 2016 - WiFi connection, whats the benefits?

    Yup an almighty TWO features. Vehicle health report and Sync services which allowed you to send predefined routes from Google Maps or Mapquest to your unit. My understanding is that this no longer works!
  6. Focus 2016 - WiFi connection, whats the benefits?

    I've had a discussion with some users in the states and AppLink was never enabled on MyFordTouch either.
  7. Focus 2016 - WiFi connection, whats the benefits?

    My understanding is that Sync 2 was never a completed product and Ford didn't bother to finish it because they introduced Sync 3. There is quite a bit of documentation floating about the internet about Sync 2 and Applink, and other "app" related stuff on the units that doesn't exist on production devices..
  8. Rubbish Aerial Reception Mk2 Ford Focus

    Sounds like a case of CCC. Cheap Chinese Cr... Some of the adaptors you can get give off so much EMI (electromagnetic interference) due to poor testing and quality control standards it's stupid. P.s next time check the date on a thread, if its really old, start a new one as otherwise it creates unnecessary bumps of topics.
  9. Active City Stop

    Good to know its working at 28mph! I've activated mine driving towards a bush before. Gave the passenger a bit of a shock! You know if you have it because of the million sensors in the window where the rear view mirror is!
  10. 1.5TDCi engine running issues

    Doesn't matter when the recall was. The car is under warranty until 2018 assuming your profile is correct, and so are the new parts. Have you had your fuel filter changed at service yet? This maybe causing issues too. My MPG dropped until I had mine changed. Do you do a lot of city start/stop driving as opposed to long A road/M road driving?
  11. 1.5TDCi engine running issues

    The 1.6TDCi was not affected by this issue, and while they are a similar engine, they aren't the same. Secondly, take it back to Ford. They did the work, they can fix it. You're still under warranty. But be advised, do not mention you've been messing around in Forscan as they will instantly void any warranty on the spot as they will say you caused the issue. I've had absolutely no running issues with mine since I've had the recall.
  12. Front heated windscreen demisting in banding

    This was also an issue on the MK2.
  13. Do I have a big problem

    That was a 1.6TDCi run away you experienced. Had one myself! Scary as hell.
  14. blue needles mod

    That looks sick! Nicely done!
  15. Focus 1.6tdci engine help

    Without trying to take this topic completely out of context, this was the only inspection I had done which was on the turbo and wrote off the chance of any further inspection, and the warranty refused to pay out on the grounds of "carbon build up"