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  1. They've recently changed their websites in India and Australia and it appears that they have gotten wise to us UK/Europeans using their system to download the updates. The next best thing is to get someone from Auz or India to help us out I guess!
  2. Rewiring pins will not solve the above, if anything will cause more problems.
  3. Nope not without changing it using a computer. I certainly don't have that option in my menus on my Tit X
  4. Hold the lock and unlock buttons together until you get a flash from the car.
  5. There is a control module in the light, which talks to another module in the car. They are probably not compatible with each other.
  6. I'm guessing our engines don't like the additive package they add to their fuel. I'm glad that I am not the only one to have noticed this too! There are some quite obvious give aways. Under normal idle you'll notice your needle is less than 1000rpm, in a regeneration it's around 1000 or above. The engine note changes to quite a growl when idling, and for me I can feel it through the body of the car.
  7. You're going to need a complete loom change, which involves removing the dashboard I should think!
  8. How does an Audi headlight apply to a focus? It doesn't Thanks for trying though... I have finally figured it out, and I have made my own how to video which I will be uploading seeing as there isn't one.
  9. Lets get a couple of things straight here as you seem to be confusing bulbs, and housings: The titanium X comes with HID Xenon bulbs and projector housings as standard I believe. These are a D3S bulb. There are NO LEGAL HID/XENON KITS that can be installed in HALOGEN lenses. If you have got H7 fittings with Xenon HID's, they are illegal, will cause dazzle, and will void your insurance. This is a D3S genuine, HID bulb. This is an illegal H7 HID conversion bulb And this is a normal, legal H7 bulb
  10. Have you checked to see if the wiring between the windscreen and where the switch should be even exists in the car? No point buying a switch without the loom being there.
  11. Ordered a set of new bulbs for the Focus as they're pretty much coming to their end (been on the car since day one, I do a lot of night driving), and I've taken one out to be presented with a bulb with a collar around the fitting and two screws which looks like it needs to be transferred to the new bulb. However, because Google/Youtube is a POS and it now likes to show me the most completely irrelevant results, I'm going to ask here and see if anyone has changed a bulb on this model of Focus yet? I'm confused as the bulbs are identical, D3S, but as I said above there is this extra bit of plastic to allow it to clip onto the headlamp housing.
  12. The above post will sort you out! It's dead easy. Regarding the Nav card, does your car have nav enabled in the first place? Regarding getting it via Ford's own website. It seems they've changed their websites abroad, and because there is a dealer only release of Sync 2 V3.10 I expect they have taken the old V3.8 offline until they release this 3.10 version that has been talked about in other forums.
  13. Those skirts are a completely different white to your car! Other than that, your car looks absolutely stunning! Looking forward to seeing what the current non-body coloured bits come out like. I almost went for the ST-3 estate, instead went for the Titanium X as I couldn't justify it over a 1.5TDCi for about 5K less, and the same features other than a sporty look, higher fuel consumption and higher tax.
  14. You need to carefully prise off the mirror, and you can then pull the bulb holder out.
  15. You might have some warranty left. Get it to Ford asap to get it looked at.