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  1. Congratulations on bumping a very old thread. Please post this question in a new topic.
  2. Same as what I have on my Tit X with the exception of them being in gunmetal grey rather than silver. I actually prefer them in this darker colour!
  3. I had this on the first day I had my MK3.5. To fix it, you need to pull the fuse to the Sync to give it a complete reboot. Mine hasn't done it since. How's your DAB, does that work correctly?
  4. Yeah the circle on the far right is the rain sensor. I know that much and then the big triangle next to it is the camera. Now the other two I'm a little at loss as to which does what because the bottom one outputs an infrared light, and the other one looks like a lidar...
  5. Regarding the Sony side of things, the speakers fitted are Sony ones because they're made of better materials and not paper. In the USA they are blessed with a Sony control panel as well.
  6. That is a reference to the older MK2.5 engine. Everyone assumes that they carried it over into the MK3 of which they didn't.
  7. No problems, you're welcome :) Glad it was helpful to you. I'm still trying to get used to having moving xenons too as I've never had them either. My passengers also get fascinated by them haha!
  8. Ah fair enough. I'm guessing then it would be an absolute pain in the rear to install too.
  9. I thought the radar was mounted in the windscreen? How does Active City Stop work? Surely that uses a radar?
  10. I have the MK3.5 Titanium X with Active City Stop. Can I use Forscan/Focccus to enable "Collision warning with brake support" and "adaptive cruise control"? I'm assuming that these features will use the same hardware that Active City Stop uses?
  11. Give some GE Sportlights a go. I had them on my MK3 mondeo, and they certainly made a difference!
  12. It's still under warranty if its a 2014. Get it to Ford! Check the battery in your remote too.
  13. I'd love to know how these compare with the MK3.5 xenons. I love mine, and would certainly not go back to hallogens as they are poo for brightness in comparason. But I too do wonder if there are brighter bulbs too because the BMWs/Mercs output tends to be a little brighter.
  14. Hope this helps a little :)
  15. I've heard some bad things about the Goodyear Efficient Grips... i.e they have poo grip.